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  1. Nocturn

    PvP Grind

    What is the PvP grind like on a PvE server and with lower population?
  2. Cool video, and quite informative for the most part. However, you really over value Alcors. @Undertanker gave the evidence to support why tanks should use a slower weap. If you claim that everything you do is "chasing realm stats" then pop on over to realm players and brows the lists of tanks from Anathema. There's a reason no one uses 1.3 weapons anymore and I think that there is plenty of evidence and validation to support this. The spec and you gave while it might be mind blowing or revolutionary to some is old news to many of the other top tier tanks. Like @Sulf pointed out, try going even further down the fury tree. It's odd because I agree with your overall philosophy of rage/tps>mitigation however you seem again to really devalue how important hit is. Hit cap should be the number 1 stat any tank should prioritize first, especially as like you said, you have r14s in your guild pumping out crazy damage. Then stam>crit>def etc. Increase the critical strike damage BONUS of your abilities. 20% increased damage? How bad at math are you
  3. Nocturn

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

    yellow cap is 5% i believe while white cap is like 8.5%ish (talking 1h here). Hit is still the same though, their caps are just different (and easily reached btw, with many people reaching max hit, so not sure what the first false comment was about either). Both Weapon Skill and Normal hit is not about increased chance to hit, but only decrease the chance a white or yellow miss (But im not sure exactly how Weapon Skill affects hit or the hit% completely other than interpreting it like OP) So my original point(s) still stand 1. I agree with OP because that's how i've interpreted it (not saying its right and someone can confirm or deny) 2. 305 weap skill is automatically reached with Human/Orc and i was only saying you can reach the required hit you need and focus on other stats without getting caught up on those 2 races (Since it's their weapon skill that influences people usually picking those races and the topic of so many forum posts). Cool topic though, i'll wait for the smarter guys.
  4. Nocturn

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

    Not really the point of what i was saying...but thanks for the contribution?
  5. Nocturn

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

    I'll let one of the smarter math guys answer this, but that's how i've always interpreted it myself, having 305 is almost like having 3% hit in some ways, (Having said that you can easily reach max hit with gear and still focus enough on all other core stats so don't get caught up on Humans/Orcs)
  6. Nocturn

    52-60 weapon of choice?

    To be fair, you do have thrash-blade, and duel-wield is more fun. So go for it, it's not huge differences.
  7. Nocturn

    52-60 weapon of choice?

    Run ZF and get http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=9372 good for Fury. Stop dual-wielding and Use Kang.
  8. Nocturn

    Insane lag

    It's happened to me too, started over the weekend and i too have at&t. Something specifically about at&t, as if they weren't shitty enough already.
  9. I agree with everything you just said, and i think min-maxing is a great way to push oneself. It plays a big role with myself. I just think it is over-rated when it comes to racials. That .61% could be due to better min-maxing in itemization and a better rotation/skill cap, other factors within the encounter/raid itself etc. It can't only be due to Bloodfury which is such a minimal AP gain anyways. On paper yeah Human/Orc is better, but you still need the perfect gear and set up and things have to go your way, and it may help, but it won't help on every fight and on every instance run. Itemization and skill along with random factors within any given run/encounter will trump it. I love forum posts dedicated to discussions about min-maxing and what is the best here and there, but the racials, even for a hardcore player do not justify one over the other unless you simply wanna compare stats and theories on paper.
  10. http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/Ranking.aspx?Bosses=0B0C0D0E0F0G0H0I&realm=Ana oh my god... is that a gnome second in overall dps? (not even using edgemasters) and a NE in 12th? woah! how?? Oh yea, because theory crafting never takes into account skill and chance. IF and only IF every single thing goes to plan and that person executes to perfection then yes, a Human/Orc will be slightly better... because every player is perfect and every run is perfect, right? Yes there are more Humans/Orc in the top 50+ but that's because everyone goes around talking about them being the best so everyone chooses them (and they are the iconic races). If more people just choose the classes they liked there would be a lot more race diversity at the top. You're talking slight %s here that hardly ever works out due to so many unforeseen events. Its a game, not an excel spreadsheet where all the numbers line up perfectly. Same for tanking, people used to think Tauren or NE were the best, now brows every warrior sub-forum and there's a debate for every single race and argument for and against each because there are so many different situations where there is no one best race, its all skill and then based on itemization. Racial Min-Maxing is ridiculous.
  11. Nocturn

    Tank Points - By Undertanker

    Nice informative post as usual. Curious why you would still be running 140 def though? It's overkill, couldn't you use more hit or run the modified impale spec with imp taunt/sunder and just loose 10 points on def?
  12. Literally look up his name on relam players, or again, read other forum posts in the warrior sub reddit. you can disagree but for some new guy with barely 10 posts calling him out like that. wow lol.
  13. Are you for real? scroll down and brows some other topics dude