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  1. Limitless


    oh welp
  2. Limitless


    So what happened to Grizzly? :x I took a 2-3 months break, came back and the guild was dismantled. /shrug
  3. Limitless

    Elysium realms.

    *cries when the server is shit* *cries with the server lags* *cries when the servers are down for maintenance* Good thing you're a basement dweller. People like you shouldn't be in the street.
  4. Limitless

    [A] <Lucid> Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild

    Really good and mature guild. We have defeated the Authenticating boss a few times so far.
  5. Limitless

    Factions Imbalance

    Are you actually saying 100 is nothing? On a fuck off pop, that's roughly go fuck yourself more than stfu idiots per zones.
  6. Limitless

    Factions Imbalance

    Are you actually saying 8% is nothing? On a 10k pop, that's rougly 100 horde more than alliance per zones (not late level zones yet, but low pvp zones)
  7. Limitless

    Faction Ratio

    Of the players ONLINE. It always moves.
  8. Limitless

    Worth keeping on this server?

    And in two months, when 1/3 of the population will be gone, they will merge the two servers. Even though it will fuck up the economy big time
  9. As far as im concerned, i just had the most epic taming pet battle in history to get broken tooth. Mother fucker tried to steal ma tooth, i was clearing mobs around it, he waited for me to clear everything and went for a go. I tamed that fucker while he was being kited by that shit dwarf
  10. Limitless

    I will never support blizzard.

    Are you seriously serious? Seriously tho, you can't be that serious without being not serious, seriously...
  11. Limitless

    <Lucid><A>Recruiting Members!

    Great guild with a great GM. 10/10 would apply again
  12. I never played on any private server before, just like half of my guildies. It's called good publicity stun and having a nice reputation. ''Why were none of these people on any of the other servers?'' What kind of freaking question is that.
  13. WHo queues to play right away? When i get home from work, I queue, because I know that in 1hour i'll be done doing my shit and ready to play the game.
  14. Limitless

    Hord never Group up

    This is just your perception my friend! I've played HORDE my whole life, never touched ALLIANCE. I was saying/thinking the samething about ALLIANCE. Bunch of idiots, skilless idiots who needs to group up for everything. But on fresh, i rolled ALLIANCE. And let me tell you something: Alliance or Horde, theres no difference. The other faction will always look retarded and always be grouped up.