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  1. ironskillet2

    Herb spawn rate

    your attempts to prevent a spawn inc because you want to keep your profits are are comical. keep tryin tho.
  2. ironskillet2

    Herb Respawn Changes

    they need to introduce this change onto darrowshire as well. 20-30g for stacks of dreamfoil, 65g+ for lotus. I feel like more people would log on in between raids to gather mats for consumables if they could actually find them. I can go around burning steppes for 20 minutes and only get 10-15 dreamfoil. its that overfarmed.
  3. ironskillet2

    +55 healing available [A]

    or hes bombarded with so many whispers its possible he missed yours
  4. I dont play on anathema, but from what I have read. And just from past server experience, AQ40 isnt ready for launch yet. and I think the elysium staff is afraid to admit this and is trying to stall using the WE (which is what hundreds of other people think as well). If this is true, their mistake isnt that AQ40 isnt finished. their mistake isn't telling us, and not asking for our support in finishing the raid with PTR and/or open source coding. I'm sure there are dozens if not hundreds of people who would flood to a AQ40 PTR just so they can practice and test the raids to report bugs / revise strategies. I take the same approach in anything... I always try to be honest because beating around the bush usually never works. I would appreciate a staff much more for telling me "hey guys, AQ isnt ready yet but help us out and we can get this goin on live in 6 weeks! lets do it!" rather than, again, beating around the bush and trying to act like everything is A OK. I'm sure me and many others would be far more dedicated to a staff that openly communicates with us honestly then trying to hide their mistakes.. THAT EVERYONE MAKES BECAUSE WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS AND HUMANS MAKE MISTAKES... so tell us.. and let us help you.
  5. ironskillet2

    +55 healing available [A]

    Our guild got this drop tonight <Keep The Change> Please contact Chuckpants (druid) if you need this done.
  6. ironskillet2

    Promoting darrowshire growth

    I wan't TBC, so obviously your use of "we" is redundant, at least i didnt refer to the entire community.
  7. ironskillet2

    Promoting darrowshire growth

    yes but that is still what a lot of us are longing for. a good transition into a GOOD BC server with characters we mastered in vanilla
  8. While darrowshire being one of (if not the only) few PvE vanilla servers out there is attractive to those players who wish to only PvE. what else is there to promote its growth? I play on this server and I love the server but with a diminishing pop (one that isnt as fast as others, but still prevalent) I'm worried it won't survive until BC. I was honestly hoping that people from the new servers might be able to Xfer to here, I know darrowshire is ahead of them on progress, not as much as Anathema, but ahead regardless. the zeth'kur people pretty much only have a 1 way ticket in where they would like to go (if the merge goes through), but possibly giving them an option to switch to a slightly further progressed PvE server would appease the people who don't wish to be forced to join a much higher populated server.
  9. possibility of MC being moved to thursday and BWL to sunday, will update when we have finalized a decision.
  10. after achieving 10/10 MC, and while still in need of recruits, we would like to open up pugs into BWL on mondays and hope that you join us as a guild as well!
  11. ironskillet2

    The War Effort Continues!

    if a guild times it correctly, they can start the event a few hours before raids reset, go clear BWL, it resets, they clear BWL again. and then they are done and completely dick over every single other guild who wasnt able to do the same in a very small window before raids reset.
  12. will be going atleast 8/10 this Sunday, will kill rag if we have time enough left in raid, if not, will kill him monday
  13. ironskillet2

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    i like to pretend i know what you guys are talking about. I'm smart enough to get the gist but have no Fn clue about the details lol
  14. this currently happens on darrowshire because onyxia is in pre-nerf mode, you can handle it, we do just fine lol
  15. ironskillet2

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    copper ore drop off the mobs in deadmines, if you are a miner, and go clear DM, which takes about 15-20 minutes, you will get 30-40 ore per clear, with non-miners getting 15-30