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  1. Playtime

    How to choose a caster class?

    Choose the class that is most fun to play in our eyes
  2. This is Chillwind camp right now.
  3. Add Chillwind camp and Morgans Vigil, DOA
  4. Playtime

    Elysium -> Zeth'kur Transfers

    Not going to happen, Zk is fine. Right now it has 1400 players online, thats a pretty blizzlike medium pop server.
  5. Playtime

    Server merge desprestly needed

    That is not going to happen, Anathema is on patch 1.9 and Elysium/Zeth'kur is getting patch 1.3 at the end of the month. There is only 1 PvE server so what do you want to merge that with?
  6. Playtime

    New player to Elysium pvp

    If you want instant battleground pop join Alliance.
  7. If they merge what will happen to our chars? we cant have both horde and alliance on the same server can we?
  8. I doubt they are going to merge at this point. If they merge zk and elysium the horde/alliance ratio will get even worse.
  9. Playtime

    Call out the Bots.

    Thank you, better safe than sorry :)
  10. Playtime

    Call out the Bots.

    Can i ask you a question about sharing accounts? If we have our guildbank on a account where the bank toon is the only one on the account can we shared it between the gm and officers or will it be flagged and banned.
  11. You forgot to write what server your on. Hang in there you are almost there, at 55 you can start tanking BRD and focus on getting your preraid bis items
  12. Playtime

    Call out the Bots.

    I have reported a player multiboxing and i got a whisper from a GM a few mins later that they where now banned. In my experience the GMs work fast
  13. Playtime

    Best realm for newbies

    Im not spreading misinformation. I have a 60 mage on ZK and wsg queue was 45+ mins Eu mornings, i was in the only oceanic guild (horde) because morning raiding fits me and we only had 15 ppl online out of the 70ish members. Im now leveling on Elysium with the active players from that guild and in 1 week we have gotten 78 members mostly lvls 30-40.
  14. Playtime

    Best realm for newbies

    Zeth'kur is a good server if you play on primetime, if you play offhours its not in a good state. Elysium has alot of players online 24/7 (if it was up) If your not looking for a fresh server then their is only a choice of pvp or pve server.