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  1. Alyndra

    Supermacro seems Broken?

    i have the same issue.
  2. Alyndria Miskatonic: MC Fel Soul Bag and Frost Power on gloves
  3. you clearly don't know what you are talking abou. in retail we had some issues with people trying to skip aq/naxx wiping but if we said bwl was on the schedule they would all suddenly have time. why? because even when you were doing naxx you still needed trinkets from BWL, hunters needing crossbows (i was doing naxx with my mc quest bow) so yeah. bwl isn't redundant until you're basically clearing naxx and can replace everything. even then some bwl items remain viable.
  4. you should release a fresh server that is stuck forever in 1.5 to every 6 months.
  5. Updated our Roster requirements:
  6. Haddy <Miskatonic> can do heal on gloves Nefarity <Miskatonic> can do dodge on cloak
  7. Alyndra

    Party health Addon?

    must be xpearl. it's vastly superior to luna in many ways. especially luna draw distance seems broken and isn't being worked on.
  8. < INSOMNIA > has merged with < KRAUTS > to form < Miskatonic > It's like the old guild... only even better.
  9. Greetings, < Miskatonic > is the result of the merger of < KRAUTS > and < INSOMNIA > to form a progress oriented raiding guild. Progress All Content cleared Loot System We are using DKP for all content. Raid Times We have two scheduled raid days, Sunday and Wednesday from 19:30 hours to 23:30 Server Time. However during progress we may require a 3rd raid day (usually Monday). Recruitment We are always looking for experienced raiders who know the content and their class. If we notice that you are such an extraordinary individual gear should not be an obstacle. We are currently looking for: Find our forums here: http://miskatonic.wtf The forums definitely work. If you sign up, just try logging in. What do we expect from you? Our raid leader is there to give you instructions not to teach you how to play. We expect you to be able to handle your job in raids and experience in the content. Your character needs to be ready to take on current tasks. That means Gear, Consumables, Enchants and Resistances Be active on these raid times, though we currently raid 2-3 times a week. Be disciplined in raids: don't clutter Teamspeak, be on time, follow the RL/Officer orders, don't be brain-afk Be friendly to guild members and strangers. You are representing < Miskatonic > Be able to deal with criticism What can you expect from us? Friendly atmosphere Great core Approachable and experienced leadership A fair DKP system to reward commitment Reliable raids each week (We do ZG and AQ20 as often as possible) Should you require more information one of the following officers are usually online : Alyndria Aprius Diggens Mamilly Ultraslayer GO SQUIDS!
  10. Alyndra

    Shadow Priest gear priority

    the hakkar neck is pretty bad. you can do the math on most items how much +dmg you're giving up for a % of hit. but in general i agree that you should be able to roll. i am planning to get them myself as well, simply because kazzak legs are not a reality. ppl will need to deal with priests rolling on those legs as they are currently bis assuming hitcap. HOWEVER i could not wear them at this point without cthun ring or gloves. BV legs are too good still with 2 hit and high spellpower.
  11. Alyndra

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    it is not moot. because there are other items with crit that i want to evaluate. t2.5 chest respectively. it isn't about mishundare alone. i think the stat values in your sheet work out nicely, tho. my problem was the severe lack of decent theorycraft on this forum and in general. this thread is pretty dead sometimes.
  12. Alyndra

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    i was looking for better mathe to see how good crit really is in those short bwl fights with mb on cd. so yes you confirmed my suspicion that it is marginally better. what i do with that info isn't the point. you dont have to explain why i dont take mishundare from a mage (or a paladin for that matter). we were in the spot where most mages had it, warlocks should be getting t2.5 so it was about what to do with additional drops. but as i said that is really my concern.
  13. Alyndra

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    thats what i said. it is theoretically equal or marginally better. which was what i was trying to find out. not whether or not priests should get it
  14. Alyndra

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    amazing. thanks a lot. this confirms my own (poorly done) math somewhat, meaning that for example in bwl mishundare should be bis over hexxer's cover by a very slight margin. or at least equal in bwl. finally a spreadsheet. you are my hero.
  15. Bring them Pallydans!