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  1. judgejewdy

    healing light talent in holy tree

    currently only works for baseline heal and does not improve with +healing. is that normal?
  2. judgejewdy

    paladins and Spell coefficient overhaul

    if you put someone on ignore why talk about them
  3. judgejewdy

    Ignite abusing guilds banned?

    anathema is players who played since nostalrius day 1 and they are a lot of the players who stuck around even after the server pop went 4x lower. ive always defended elysium so im not a complainer about this server but please dont ban random people. my friend was banned and he was in one of these guilds. hes just a random guy in the guild raiding and he knew nothing about it and got banned. day 1 nostalrius player and banned for nothing. guys like him kept the server alive but now hes gone. and for even if hes not my friend it sucks seeing anyone who played all the time just get banned
  4. judgejewdy


    its not rigged right now when the server came back the spawn rate was 11 min from such high pop and still 65g cheapest black lotus. now we got aq40 15-20 spawn rate
  5. judgejewdy

    Auction House Spam

    hi gotmilk
  6. judgejewdy

    Returning, can't choose!

    just play anathema
  7. judgejewdy

    Speeding up updates progress

    lol why is server being more then 1 year old an insult these days? go keep starting fresh have fun in mc little nooblet
  8. judgejewdy

    How to top Healing meters without casting a single Heal...

    u guys must take massive aoe dmg on flamegore
  9. judgejewdy

    Adding taunt for paladin

    its not going to happen but i would like to see a custom 1.12 server that tweaked some things with talents
  10. judgejewdy

    Patch weapon damage boost?

    they are talking about weapons with +shadow dmg or whatever
  11. play anaethma if u cant wait years
  12. judgejewdy

    PvP Huntard?

    yes such bs about paladins. its impossible to reach the range of a hunter unless its a duel with limited room
  13. i want to pay 1.1k gold whisper sinbinner if you want to trade. can also trade in black lotus
  14. bump whisper anyone online in the guild if blood isnt online
  15. judgejewdy

    The Slippery Slope

    well if those items scaled with spell power in 1.12 then it would be nice if they could here. but i saw that video where the shaman had tier gear and was still doing 3 damage with the gloves