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  1. You can set the memory limit in the character screen on the addon-selection. Please note that pfQuest knows a lot of data, that data doesn't come from nowhere, it's bundled within the addon and does ofc take space. I recommend to set the addon memory at least at 256MB, but it's usually safe to set this to "0" which equals to "unlimited".
  2. 1. Yes, go to the "modules" in the settings and disable the "bag" module. 2. Yes, go into unlock mode and use your scrollwheel to scale frames. 3. No, you'll need to change the code. 4. Yes, go into options and set the checkbox "Disable UnitFrames". 5. Would be alot of work. You won't be able to, if you don't know how to code lua. Cheers
  3. Disable PixelPerfect in pfUI, go to WoW's video settings and adjust the UI Scale to your old values.
  4. Hi, 1. Only "MacroExtender" is known to cause troubles 2. Not yet, but it is in progress 3. Just replace your old pfUI folder with the new one, you won't lose any settings
  5. The latest version removes the panel when setting it to "Disable". (https://github.com/shagu/pfUI/commit/061425d9535c2020e74e31f4c212fbfdafb65d64)
  6. You could try ShaguPlates, they are quite the same. (http://shagu.org/shagucollection/) Hi, this has already been reported somewhere else. I have no clue why this happens yet and I wasn't really able to 100% reproduce that. There is no option yet. You'll have to do it manually by editing https://github.com/shagu/pfUI/blob/master/modules/thirdparty.lua#L727 with the corresponding command. 1. Right now, pfUI still uses the default Wow Actionbars and just puts another skin on them. Adding additional bars would require me to do a complete rewrite which is quite time consuming and not planned in the next months. 2. Yes, It's pretty hard to adjust thirdparty addons for 100%. Especially KTM which is not designed to be changed in width. pfUI does scale KTM instead which is fairly bad but the only solution right now. If anyone is eager to fork KTM and provide a better (and resizable UI), please tell me :D 3. Good point, I'll try to not forget about it. If you want to make sure I don't miss that, pelase create an Issue on github. Thanks for your input. 4. Hmm. yes, could do that. Same as point 3. Cheers Shagu
  7. Hi, this should reset all custom positions that have been made to the left panel: /run pfUI_config["position"]["pfPanelLeft"] = nil
  8. Right now it's using its own debuff implementation which won't work if another DebuffTimer addon is active.
  9. shagu

    [AddOn] ShaguPlates

    The pfUI included nameplates can show debuff timers. But this is the ShaguPlates thread and they can't.
  10. Looks like you're using an old version or didn't reload the UI after changing some buff-position related settings... Hmm.. I wasn't able to get rid of the "pixely" look, I tried alot of fonts. Does it work better with NiceDamage? I will have a look into that.
  11. shagu

    pfUI question

    Hi, An enemy castbar will only appear when a corresponding combat log message exists.
  12. Hi, I have no idea about Healbot, but I know some prefer "/pfast" macros for mouseover healing, other prefer clique for click-casting (https://github.com/shagu/Clique) As I never played a healer, I'm not really aware of what HealBot does and how to integrate it. Cheers
  13. Looks like you're using more than one tooltip addon. If ShaguTooltips or TinyTip is enabled, please disable them. Otherwise you'll have to disable the tootlip module inside pfUI. Cheers
  14. @Lazharem Set this, if you want to see empty actionbar slots: @FriendlyNeighborhoodRogue The features of some of them are included. (Plates, Combat, Mount, Stance, Tooltips, BoP)