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  1. Arxon

    Warlock Gear List (Updated for 1.8)

    You want Nemesis Legs, Boots, and Chest for the 3 pc bonus (The Nemesis Helm is a good placeholder until you can get the Boots or Chest and isn't replaced until Mish'undare). That is until you can replace them in 1.7 with Bloodvine set of the same pieces.
  2. Arxon

    [ADDON] GrayAutoSell (new)

    Maybe it's just my client then. Because I've tried Lazypig, Autoprofit, Automatic, the old ModUI, etc.. And they still DC me. "Disconnect Protection" doesn't help at all.
  3. Arxon

    [ADDON] GrayAutoSell (new)

    All addons which claim to sell gray items automatically will disconnect you on Elysium. Not sure if it's the case on other private servers but I'm pretty sure this feature existed just fine in Retail back in the day. Oh well. I eventually gave up trying and now sell my grays manually. Even the "workarounds" seem to cause Disconnect issues.
  4. Arxon

    [AddOn] aux and more

    If you have an addon that lists the vendor price of the item then I suppose you could do the math on your own. Multiply it by 3? I wouldn't like it if the addon was creating false prices for items that haven't sold for those prices in the past.
  5. Arxon

    Healthstone / Mage Trade Macro

    I use TradeDispenser myself for Healthstones. In a raid situation that is all you should need. If you are regularly selling food/water to strangers then I suppose manually doing it would be the most logical method.
  6. Arxon

    [Addon] Chronometer - vanilla

    @laytya What is your progress on the backport of kui-nameplates from WOW 5.4? I was interested in that but I haven't seen anything on your Github about it.
  7. Arxon

    [Addon] Chronometer - vanilla

    Chronometer + CustomNamePlates.
  8. Arxon

    [AddOn] aux and more

    Concerning Aux, If I play on Elysium (Patch 1.5). What is the download link for the most updated release?
  9. I am looking for something akin to Beardley's Diablo Orbs: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/beardleys-diablo-orbs for Vanilla WoW. I am currently using the Roth UI scheme but I would love to ditch Discord Art & Discord Unit Frames for something more simple. I did find DiabloMod: http://www.vanilla-addons.com/dls/diablomod. But it is too simple and doesn't even allow me to configure its settings. Everything I find seems to be incompatible with Vanilla WoW.
  10. Arxon

    Vanilla Map with no fog?

    I remember on live I liked Metamap over Cartographer but I cannot seem to find a good version of Metamap that works with Questie. I will say that Cartographer works just fine for Fog Of War Removal.
  11. Arxon

    Vanilla Addons A-Z

    Auctioneer is part of a package of addons. I cannot quite remember what 3 addons it entails because I use AUX now and I am more than happy with it. I believe one of them was called Informant which would tell you how much a vendor would pay for the item assuming it's either in your database or you've sold it before. I think the other was Enchantrix.
  12. Arxon

    Can Someone Fix AutoProfit?

    There was a reason why I never liked LazyPig and I don't recall what that reason was. I will try GarbageFU. Thank you TDC.
  13. Arxon

    Most accurate bigwigs for Elysium?

    From what I have gathered thus far the version you want to have is the NOSTALRIUS version. I haven't done any raiding though so I cannot say for sure.
  14. Arxon

    [Addon] Chronometer - vanilla

    Is there an easy way to do this? Or is it easier to keep old version of Chronometer? Edit: Alright, easier than I thought it would be though I was scared that it would mess up my other addons. Seems to be fine now.
  15. Probably my favorite addon and it dc's me every time because it tries to sell everything at once.. Can anyone fix it to not sell more than 10 items at a time?