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  1. Gunari

    The Darrowshire Bummer

    There are many guilds that farm BWL weekly and have killed Azu and Kaz. Without actually watching every guild raid I don't understand how you can distinguish one guild being clearly superior over another. But all that aside, what does it REALLY matter? Still don't understand why this needs to be an argument. It's as futile as the Lebron vs Jordan GOAT debate.
  2. Gunari

    The Darrowshire Bummer

    Never understood the [insert my faction] is better than [insert opposite faction ] because of [insert minor difference in game design]. Does it REALLY matter which faction kills shit first?
  3. Gunari

    New ToU

    Cmon ban hammer!!!
  4. Gunari

    BG Premades

    It is FUBAR. But nothing will change unfortunately.
  5. I like how everyone's solution to this is to level the dude to 2 (or higher). It's not the point at all. Toons shouldn't just be deleted.
  6. Just bad design by Blizzard...if they were thinking a little bit they would have reduced the cost so people aren't pidgeon holed into a single role with such a massive gold impact. I heal too but respecing properly for pvp or world pve farming isn't really feasible. Had to level an alt...
  7. They seem to be following a "formula" of releaseing it the last week of their scheduled date.
  8. Gunari

    Honesty is important

    Woah. Someone needs a hug.
  9. Consumables on MC? I'm try hard, but not that try hard.
  10. Gunari

    u sad bastards

    Great thread.
  11. Gunari

    Instant 60 option pls

  12. Just when i thought the war effort couldn't possibly get any dumber, they go and pull something like this. And totally prove me wrong.
  13. Gunari

    Elysium & Zeth'Kur | Patch 1.3

    It's VERY obvious what they are doing. Not changing anything until 4 weeks after release of war effort so they can look back on it and pat themselves on the back that the war effort took 3-4 weeks.
  14. Gunari

    How much honor needed per rank

    It's based off of weekly standing, not honor. 29k honor may drastically change your rank one week, and minimally another.