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  1. Uglyaf

    The Zeth'Kur problem

    So basically ZK has more people than any other private vanilla server, more than merged kronos, but you want free transfers from casual server? Instead of making countless posts about merge you could leave ZK and play on more populated one. Do you really think everyone on ZK prefers overpopulated server or people from Ely want this merge? 7.9k peak on sunday is fine for Elysium, also server capped at 8,5k, why the fuck people from Ely supposed to sit in queue again?
  2. Uglyaf

    The Zeth'Kur problem

    Its easy, everyone quit ZK, make it 500 peak online, then they will merge it.
  3. Ye I was wondeing also where people get this information about 3% per day? Where is direct proof, I mean direct links from waybackmachine or some official blue posts. When auto-complitiom should start? Referring to fun server kronos is kinda irrelevant.
  4. Hello :) WE on k1 took 6 months+, WE on k2 was 2,5 months. K1 had 600-800 online, k2 had 800-1100 peak online. And the only reason why kronos speed up WE for k2 because they wanted merge both servers. Now their merged server has 1.5k online on sunnday during eu prime time.
  5. Besides scepter quest chain there is nothing supposed to be added. Combat badges quests came out in patch 1.9.4 or smth like that, also server had to complete WE and open gates.
  6. I would not risk it, because they might remove it also.
  7. Uglyaf

    How to submit a bug

    Login in CP first, then you will be able to submit a report.
  8. As far as I know, all relics were introduced in patch 1.10 or 1.11 I dont remember. Totems,librams,idols not supposed to be in ptach 1.9
  9. Uglyaf

    Zeth Kur getting low

    Just keep posting bullshit so you scare away newcomers, it will die eventually.
  10. Uglyaf

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    What did you expect? It meant to be causal server, all of them went back to legion.
  11. r14 weps buffed before 1.11, it was buffed around 1.7-1.8. http://web.archive.org/web/20050529024137/http://wow.allakhazam.com/item.html?witem=16345 http://web.archive.org/web/20051111230322/http://wow.allakhazam.com/item.html?witem=16345 - buffed one.
  12. Do you realise that current 15% supposed to be in patch 1.9? 25% proc rate and changed to one hand in patch 1.12.
  13. Uglyaf

    Does anyone actually have a solution to the dc's?

    Compatibility mode makes my game client disconnect a lot. Im on windows 10, just turn off this crap.
  14. Uglyaf

    BYO donate guild?

    Shitty geared chars in blues. whats wrong with it? Or you just a newfag who dont know that you can reach lvl 60 in 1-2 days if 4 friends boost you through dungeons.