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  1. Glemtlol

    Un-nerf farms?

    U got Whitekidney on ur team a known gold seller, ofc They do stuff that benefit gold sellers. Also can u guys make my ignore list bigger? Being spammed by gold sellers 24/7
  2. Glemtlol

    How to save Anathema

    give anathema players an offer to go onto Elysium, delete what u feel necessary to delete, but for the love of god let our 60's live on like you promised to do when you got given this private server gift population from Nostalrius, which u then inturn betrayed and killed nostalrius like the jedis got kileld in star wars... seriously u guys have no shame...
  3. The flamekin ragers and sorchers are only giving xp if they are low lvl, what is up with that?
  4. i already put my name up there fag
  5. Fill in the blanks: Druid: Rogue: Hunter: Mage: Glemt Priest: Shaman: Paladin: Warlock: Warrior:
  6. Glemtlol

    Im rolling ally

    u see me in the bg roaster, what are you going to do tbh? i mean fake confidence only gets u so far lmao
  7. Glemtlol

    Ranks 12-14

    I hate raiding too, i only do the r10 grind for the world pvp afterwards
  8. Glemtlol

    Im rolling ally

    casual to go r14 and then quit
  9. Glemtlol

    Ranks 12-14

    rank 10 on this server was aids, unles ofc u enjoy boring ts chat with aly idiots and u sit in 5 man ab cap all day then its heaven
  10. Roll accordingly if your wish is to lose/win in pvp
  11. Glemtlol

    Best faction for PvP.

    also, just chose the papa strenght play on, so u dont lose so much.
  12. Glemtlol

    best player(s) per class

    also id like to nominate Firestargg as one of the best paladins
  13. haha this dildo retardo dont know when honor reset NOOB