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  1. Goth

    salty perplexity

    i quit the game 2 months ago man :(
  2. Goth

    salty perplexity

    i like how you explained everything in 2 lines and then said "long story short" and wrote 50 lines tl dr format
  3. Goth

    WTS Teal Kodo (BoE)

    Wondering why are there only two kodos then :D
  4. can you people learn to make compromises and appreciate what u have or just leave this place because no1 is forcing u to play it
  5. Goth

    WTS Ivory Raptor & Red Mottled Raptor

    Mates im willing to give away one of the raptors for a KFC bucket cus im beast hungry right now
  6. Goth

    Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector (how it should work)

    Bro , i know what you mean but sadly blizzlike engineering mechanics really work like that
  7. Goth

    Hitman Services

    I want you to hit Bunnymeat 1v1 in wpvp and spit on his corpse 3 times , offering 50g
  8. Goth

    Horde Druids Beware

    This is just wrong.
  9. I'm selling both my Ivory Raptor & Red Mottled Raptor. Some backstory info: In the early days of Nostalrius 1.4 patch, you could buy Ivory Raptor & Red Mottled Raptor as a BoE version for 1000g each, but even though it says BoE, it can be used/traded by everyone that has it even after you mounted up on it.So you could look upon it as investment and something that could increase its value in future. There is only 40 x Ivory Raptors and 16 x Red Mottled Raptors BoE versions in the server, which makes it rare and expensive. In order to use it you need Exalted reputation with Darkspear Trolls, which is obtainable by cloth donations in Orgrimmar. These raptors are not obtainable in-game anymore and they can be used by all 4 horde races. The price of the raptors is 10000g for each one. Please do not spam, do not try to convince me the price is too high, im not forcing anyone to buy them and im not in a hurry. If you want more info write here,pm or in-game Goth on PvP realm.
  10. Goth

    best player(s) per class

    i am the eastern european king
  11. Goth

    Hey friends it's Niko

    Why is everyone writing like a retard, how hard is to get educated and type correctly
  12. I decided i will Take over Dreamstate's Leadership Billy is Take over. Its the <Billystate> now and there Isnt anything u can do About it p.s Contact me PM so you can provide me with your guild structure info/guild banks etc.