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  1. Rafale

    Elemental Enhancement hybrid

    @Jitlannever went in a bg imo. Elemental with 30/0/21 pr 31/0/20 is one of the best PvP spec in vanilla for offhealing,purge spam,and ofc the burst....
  2. Rafale

    Hammer of wrath

    Sometimes, nice damage
  3. Rafale

    Holy PvP Spec tree

    The thing is items with silence resistance aren't mixed with good stats. The sacrifice is huge
  4. Rafale

    Holy PvP Spec tree

    Building around silence resistance is absurd. You will have also curse on u to reduce your cast speed,you will have interrupt and you will be controlled with sheeps/fear... I much prefer a shadow resist build so u can keep a good amount of heal and you negate the shadow priest and lock threat. @Drakova shows it on his youtube channel
  5. Rafale

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    @Zak Preston is right, in pvp, rogue is far from feral. As heal, i see a huge difference between a rogue and a feral when he is on me. Feral has NO burst and NOT ENOUGH control and pvp is about burst & control. But, Feral is very good at 1v1 cause he can carry flag but also use all his toolkit to help his group. Feral isn't just a melee class. Its a tank, a medium-level melee, a bad dps at distance, and a bad healer, but HE CAN DO THAT even if its bad. Rogues can just control, and kill fast. But as melee class, rogue is better, and its fair.
  6. Rafale

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    Paladins community make me love paladins. Killerduki is a bit special but damn, so much research and so many bugs resolved since the opening !
  7. Rafale

    Improved Seal of Righteousness talent

    We need a damn proof.
  8. Rafale

    Ele-Enh Hybrid Dps Spec

    Everything is lost. Last patch fixed the thing,now if you cast it resets your swing timer.
  9. Rafale

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    Pull @killerduki aha
  10. Rafale

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    The skill cap isn't in connection with number of buttons. Its about the variety of actions you can use to answer any situation,and the difference between a bad and a good player for the class. I would say: 1) rogue (there is a reason why u see so many pvp videos of them) 2) druid (very rare good players) 3) mage (its easy to look like a good player,but very good mages show you the potential) 4) shaman (lots of tricks, unbreakable broke the complexity of the class) 5) hunter / lock (pet management is something which makes the difference) 6) paladins (no wonder,as paladin u cannot surprise anyone. Who said reckbomb? Come on...) 7) Priest (I don't see much difference between good or bad players) 8) warrior (everything depends on gear)
  11. Hard levelling as warrior: Welcome to vanilla. Find friends. Btw, as soon as you re level 17, you can level in dungeon, as tank. Ppl will even wisp you to ask you to tank.
  12. Rafale

    Ele-Enh Hybrid Dps Spec

    Idk if the hit-between-cast is a bug or not btw
  13. Rafale

    Ele-Enh Hybrid Dps Spec

    Many people try enh with str/agi/crit gear, some people try ele with 30/0/21 spec or 31/0/20 spec. I never see someone with 31/20/0 spec like this: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#hEczV0GqoxVMdV The goal is : Using spell damage gear, spell crit/hit, and mp5. Instead of a weapon with good spell dmg, you use a weapon with the best dps (if there is a spell proc like this one its perfect: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=21856 ) or you can use Nightfall ! On Elysium, when you cast lightning Bolt, it doesn't reset the swing timer, so you can cast between every swing. Spell crits will be huge, and will give you elemental devastation, so 9% more physical crit during 10 sec, so more flurry uptime. Do you think it could be better dps than classic enh or ele spec?
  14. Rafale

    [Addon] DebuffTimers

    Many times the debuff timer doesn't appear. I use Luna 2.0. Anyone in the same situation?
  15. I would love to get an addon to show a bar with the absorb amount left on magic shield like Power Word Shield or Mana Shield or any object which give shield. If it could be integrated in Luna Unit Frames by @Rhena that would be awesome but an independent addon could be more usefull for everyone.