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  1. Ohhgee


    dont worry, u will always have a piece of my heart
  2. Ohhgee

    Nope Drama

    inb4 404
  3. Ohhgee

    Griefing Devilsaurs

    Nobody is selling gold to illegal 3rd party websites. To make that conclusion is a massive leap beyond any actual facts. Nobody is "exploiting" either. Cleverly and methodically using game mechanics (which are available for all players to use) is not exploiting. No rules are being broken here. Youre just salty that people with better gear/more friends/more time/more organization than you are coming out on top :D
  4. Ohhgee

    Griefing Devilsaurs

    pls don't hack me bro
  5. Ohhgee

    Aliance in wsg LUL

    k2 plebs rerolled the superior faction and still getting cucked in PvP xd
  6. Ohhgee

    Griefing Devilsaurs

    Devilsaur Leather is basically the most valuable and most scarcely available resource in the game on a server this size with no Titanic Legplates in the game. Only the most dedicated players are able to obtain Devilsaur Leathers consistently. You basically need to bring an army capable of taking the territory from whoever is currently farming. Cross-faction politics are usually involved. And you'll need someone with amazing ping to tag the mobs. Remember that Vanilla is not fair and it is not kind to casuals. Un'Goro is no different than other aspects of Vanilla; the players that break it down to a science and invest an insane amount of time/effort will always come out on top. Welcome to the jungle
  7. Ohhgee

    AQ Release

    server needs AQ.........
  8. Ohhgee


    the part where you fucked up was when you thought that connecting your cell phone information to an illegal Russian private WoW server was a smart idea.
  9. Ohhgee

    PvP Items STILL buffed

    the dream really though, at this point, the updated gear has been in the game and being used for so long by so many players that when (if?) it does finally get removed it will be a huge inconvenience for a lot of people who have spent time/gold buying and enchanting the buffed PvP gear. theyve really managed to fuck this one up because the version of the PvP gear in game right now has totally different item ID's than what should be in the game. so it's not a matter of just changing the stats on the gear. it has to be removed and then replaced by entirely different items so far Elysium is failing to prove itself as anything more than yet another shitty Valkyrie re-release with slightly better scripting and a Nostalrius-provided hype train
  10. Ohhgee

    Problem with fast Targetswitches

    hello the solution to your problem is very simple play better
  11. Ohhgee

    Cheating in dungeons

    reported enjoy ur ban
  12. Ohhgee

    are you BOR'd?