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  1. Dozzy

    Patch 1.6 Best Mage Gear

    It gets updated to 20SP/1Crit. Crit-sp ratio is way higher when you dont have a lot of it and essential on progress to keep the ignite up and not oom yourself.
  2. Dozzy

    Patch 1.6 Best Mage Gear

    You don't.
  3. Extend it for atleast another 2 weeks and let almost everyone have some good times on the final 3 bosses imo.
  4. Dozzy

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    https://www.twitch.tv/krebsie/ continuing KT progress
  5. Dozzy

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=7b9g9nQaiCQ Currently streaming KT Progress
  6. Dozzy

    AQ40 Fire Mage PvE specs

    Fire on everything that isnt immune, feel bad on everything that is. Unless you're in a guild that doesnt 'easily' clear BWL it shouldnt really be mandatory to respec. I'd normally bring an alt or just dangle at the bottom of the meters, giving the melee some time in the spotlight again.
  7. Dozzy

    AQ40 Fire Mage PvE specs

    At AQ40 release on Ana all subsequent crits were stacking on the ignite (making for some big fucking ignites), but this has been fixed sometime ago. Afaik it should be the first 5 crits now and every crit after refreshes it. Unless you have a full worldbuffed magesquad that chains combustions (or is lucky with crits) its not that easy to keep 1 ignite up for a whole bossfight. Scorch crit also helps to regen mana and is decent for trash (most shit dies within 10-20s). It could happen you have a low ignite then just call to drop it and start again, but most of the times it will drop anyway.
  8. Dozzy

    AQ40 Fire Mage PvE specs

    You always take 3/3 Master of Elements. For Progress I went 17/31/3, for later raids (and some more fun) 14/34/3 . The mana regen doesnt matter as much imo and sapper + blastwave combo are good for the aoe packs. Only on longer fights you generally have to use your rune/gem cd & manapot cd mixing it up with prot pots.
  9. Dozzy

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Bump. If you wanna clear Naxx, apply.
  10. Let's bring back kiteable & taunt immune Azu for the 6hr+ aidsfests!
  11. Dozzy

    Quotes by Killerduki

    Thanks for the interesting quotes. /Kind regards Dozzy
  12. Dozzy

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Bump. Shaman, Tank, Spriest & Druid!
  13. Dozzy


    Which server first again?