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  1. This issue has already been answered here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/29135-mindflay-issuesbugs/#comment-284631
  2. Guttler

    Mindflay issues/bugs

    Hello. If you have evidence proving any of these interactions should be something other than what they are on Nostalrius then please provide us with the necessary documentation. I know the Bugtracker has had its fair issues of stability lately, so I did take a few minutes to look into some of these claims. I can assure you that shapeshift did break Mind Flay in vanilla WoW as of Patch 1.12.1. Best practice going forward would be to report any and all bugs and issues onto the tracker with the appropriate documentation so we can take a good look at it.
  3. Hello, what realm is this happening on? As far as I know everything is working as intended. EoPR has no CD, Whipper Root Tuber can be used with potions, Mageblood Potion doesn't have a 2-minute CD. If you have evidence proving that oils weren't added prior to patch 1.9 then please provide us with the necessary documentation. Additionally, in the future if you could please provide factual evidence with sources as well as proof on your end (which realm; screenshots; video, etc.) that these items aren't working correctly. It'd be most helpful. Best practice would be to use the Bugtracker (when it isn't down) going forward.