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  1. Dreamstate

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Here we go folks, the official Dreamstate vs Kel'Thuzad multi-POV video: Editing done by Ryaneditor
  2. The ZG records is ours again! After having to wait two months to get another oppurtunity to take back what was ours, we ventured into Zul'Gurub last Sunday and set down a new record of 20 minutes and 3 seconds according to Raidstats (21 mins and 01 seconds according to LegacyLogs). Here's the raidstats for the ZG: http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=76800 Here's the LegacyLogs for the ZG: https://legacy-logs.com/Vanilla/Raids/Evaluation/index.php?rid=12462 Apply on http://dreamstate.shivtr.com/ if you wanna be part of these runs! -credits to Sceto for editing the video
  3. Dreamstate

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Bump! According to Dreamstate mathematicians our AQ40 Speedrun ended up being a 60 minutes and 25 seconds run from pulling Skeram to killing C'thun! Beating Coalition's run (66 minutes and 27 seconds). Sadly raidstats got fucked due to some unseen hickups... we somehow managed to pull a trash pack from Bug Trio through the ground and have it attack us right during the weakness phase! Something similar must've happened on Coalitions run, as their C'thun seemed to have bugged out aswell... But guess what...? Dreamstate is now the first guild on Anathema to succesfully kill C'thun in one weakness phase. With only 0.8 seconds left to spare, we did it! Here's the video of the Cthun in 1 Weakness Phase + Bug Trio trash pack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR-rhi1s33E A video of the full (speed) run will be up soon. Hopefully with multiple POV's. In the meantime... Dreamstate is still recruiting any exceptional players. Do you want to be part of the fastest AQ40 clears on the server? Apply on http://dreamstate.shivtr.com/.
  4. Dreamstate

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Hype! Here's the raidstats for it: http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=75752 Like mister Morrdots said, the Dreamstate AQ40 PUG is now officially 9 out of 9 in AQ40. Do you have a good geared/skilled alt, and would you like the chance of getting C'Thun loot on it? Are you a main who got benched for AQ40 or can your guild not kill C'Thun? If "Yes" is the answer to any of the above questions, make sure you sign up for it. You can do so by talking to Cryptica ingame. Keep in mind, spots are limited and not everyone can come. In the meantime... Dreamstate is still recruiting any exceptional players. Do you want to be part of the fastest AQ40 clears on the server? Do you want to compete with alliance guilds on speedrun records? Apply now on http://dreamstate.shivtr.com/.
  5. Dreamstate

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Bump! We finally managed to get a video out of our very first C'Thun kill... hype! Anyhow... Dreamstate's AQ40 PUG on Saturday managed to get Ouro down aswell. The PUG is now officially 8 out of 9. C'Thun is going to be a bitch though. Wanna know more about Dreamstate? We have updated the "Guild History" post on our forums (headsup, its a very long "blog" type of thing). In the meantime, Dreamstate is still recruiting several exceptional players to improve our roster. Do you wanna be part of the smoothest and fastest AQ40 clears on the server? Do you want to be part of speedruns? Do you want to challenge the Alliance guilds on instance records? Apply on http://dreamstate.shivtr.com/.
  6. Dreamstate

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Eh... We're working on it! Sadly we only got pretty shitty POV's and like zero people motivated to edit them into a video. We'll get on it and hopefully upload something soonish :P Anyhow... Bump! Still looking for dedicated individuals of any class. Especially looking for another Warlock, Druid, Shadow Priest, Shaman and Warrior (Prot). http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=73009 Fastest AQ40 clear on Anathema so far! Was it the smoothest, who knows? Only slightly ahead of Coalition though... You can apply on http://dreamstate.shivtr.com/ if you think you have what it takes to compete with the best!
  7. Dreamstate

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Dreamstate hosted the first official AQ40 PUG on Anathema last night! It managed to clear 7 out of the 9 bosses. Everything being a clean kill (Skeram being the exception), up until Ouro. Sadly our worldbuffs ran out and Ouro proved to be too dificult as a PUG. http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=71305 You wanna be part of these AQ40 PUG's? Are you a main who wants to raid AQ40, but you get benched by your guild? (You can contact Cryptica ingame about the PUG. These will be hosted every week on Saturday at 20:00.) In the meantime... Dreamstate is still recruiting any exceptional players, currently especially looking for a Shaman, Druid, Warlock, Shadow Priest and an amazing Prot Warrior. Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the best? Apply now on: http://dreamstate.shivtr.com/
  8. Dreamstate

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Dreamstate has finally seen the insides of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj after the guild was created almost 4,5 years ago. On our first night... eh... afternoon of AQ40 we succesfully cleared the entire thing. We achieved server 2nd C'Thun (Horde first), sadly pretty far behind Coalition. Congrats to them on their pre-nerf C'Thun kill, impressive guys! Here are the raidstats links for those interested: http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=69597 & http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=69614 Dreamstate is now officially 9 out of 9 in AQ40 and tonight we'll clear the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj aswell. Nastrel has aquired the 20 shadow power on gloves enchant and Dozzy the 30 healing power on gloves enchant, feel free to poke them. Videos of our AQ40 clear will be uploaded soon. Here's a sneak peek of our Viscidus kill. Viscidus on a whole other level & Viscidus with TS Let me use this reply to remind everyone Dreamstate is recruiting any exceptional players. You want to be part of the smoothest AQ40 clears on Horde? You like competing with best of the best? Feel free to write an application on our forums.
  9. About: We are a dedicated community of WoW players that formed on 20 August 2012 and has been growing since. Our ranks contain a large number of veterans, but also a healthy amount of motivated new forces. The guild has been stable during its entire existence and we've grown from a WoW guild to a community of WoW players that have formed lifelong bonds. We are constantly looking for fresh blood in the guild to enrich our community and stay on top of the raiding curve. We listen to our community and do our very best to answer whatever the needs might be. We have done all kinds of events to make our raiding versatile and engaging for our raiders - speedruns, split raids and other challenges, both in Azeroth and outside. This experience allows us to adapt to any server's pace of content release and to keep our community engaged and entertained. Our goal is to continue what we have become. Dreamstate brings strong and dedicated players together in order to create a healthy community where people enjoy WoW as a team, while respecting each other as individuals. Each of us is devoted to the game, but we also recognise each player's real life commitments and strive to find the perfect balance between gaming and real life for every one of our members. Communication is key in these matters so we expect players to keep us informed about their absences. We are a very progress oriented guild that has achieved server firsts in the past and we are determined to continue pushing the boundaries of raiding and competing for every PvE achievement. Latest one being server first Kel'Thuzad and The Four Horsemen on Anathema Horde first C'Thun (server 2nd) on Anathema T5 server first clear on L4G - Hellfire Taerar server first kill in collaboration with other guilds on Nostalrius PvP Blackwing Lair server first clear on Nostalrius PvP Azuregos server first kill in collaboration with GRIZZLY and other guilds on Nostalrius PvP Kazzak server first kill in collaboration with Phoenix and other guilds on Nostalrius PvP http://dreamstate.shivtr.com/ Recruitment: Raiding schedule (GMT+1): Wednesday | 19:00 - 23:30 Thursday | 19:00 - 23:30 Sunday | 19:00 - 23:30 (Monday) | 19:00 - 23:30 (Progress) Raid invites | 18:30 Media: You can find our videos here: Youtube You can find our active streamers here: Twitch You can find our roster here: Realmplayers You can find our guild history (blog) here: Guild History We are looking for skilled and motivated players to maintain a healthy community. Class does not really matter because we are looking for the best players out there from each class. So if you think you are good enough to beat the competition and be a worthy member of our guild, then you should apply. You can apply on our forums. Keep in mind, this is our first impression of you and we hope that you spend some time writing it.