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  1. kick1234567890

    Macros that adjust Buff Ranks due to Target Level

    Or! just use an addon. https://github.com/ericraio/vanilla-wow-addons/tree/master/b/BestBuff http://www.vanilla-addons.com/dls/bestbuff/
  2. kick1234567890

    XUI - Blizzard Inspired User Interface

    how is it not? only thing i see is a bit darker color, slightly changed hp bars and tooltip, otherwise it seems to be the same. It's kinda in the description as well: "...experience with all the benefits of addons you love, while keeping the original Blizzard style." Style was what i meant in my original comment. Never thought I'd see anyone who liked the original look/style,/ whatever .
  3. kick1234567890

    XUI - Blizzard Inspired User Interface

    Never thought I'd see anyone liking the orignal UI.
  4. Dunno who told you darrowshire is dead. The population on alliance side is perfect. Stop bitching and make a new character, be 60 in a couple of weeks.
  5. kick1234567890

    Help with CompareStats

    Hiya! Recently finally found this addon: http://www.vanilla-addons.com/dls/comparestats/ Which basicallly adds lines to equipment tooltips that show stat changes that will occur if you swap equipment. There's only one issue, the tooltip sometimes isn't large enough to contain all the information. Set items in particular will not have space for the extra info in the tooltip. Does anyone know a similar addon that does not have this issue, or perhaps a way to fix this in hte LUA ?
  6. Hey man, age is just a number, so what if society tells you it's wrong? you go to town on that boy all night whenever you can!
  7. Hiya! What sort of troubleshooting should be done if I'm not getting timers on debuffs on the nameplates? Do I have to have player and targetframes from pfui activated? (using Luna instead).
  8. kick1234567890

    [AddOn] ShaguPlates

    Thanks for answer, still not getting timers on the debuffs, downloaded the forked debufftimers you have on github as well. Will move this to Pfui thread.
  9. kick1234567890

    [AddOn] ShaguPlates

    Do these have debufftimers above the nameplates? using pfui, but they won't show timers.
  10. kick1234567890

    Anathema - gaming conditions

    I'm not seeing a problem on Darrowshire, pugs running dungeons all the time. The population we're at now seems perfect to me. I certaintly do not want to lose the pve status on it because some pvpers are angry there arent that many lovbies to gank anymore.
  11. kick1234567890

    [Addon] YaHT - Yet another Hunter Timer

    Hi! What should be written in the ttranq channel option? If I want to set it to yell, should I write /y, or just Yell in that option? Have no idea since it's impossible to test it without doing mc.
  12. kick1234567890

    [ADDON] Customnameplates

    Got same issue, had no idea this addon caused it >.<
  13. kick1234567890

    Raid 'Grid' Feature

    Ctraid has this feature, you have to enable it in the options. Think it was called personal target or something.
  14. kick1234567890

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Sorry to have wasted your time, a clearing of saved variables fixed it.