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  1. That's making the very generous assumption that this change was based on data instead of anecdotal complaints. I very much doubt that they actually have data to compare the current changes to, but if they do it's worth noting (anecdotally, of course), that there were 3 WSGs up on WSG weekend Saturday at 12pm PST, and 3 weeks ago there were approximately 7.
  2. If you're looking for an official response, here's one of the lead team's in Discord today:
  3. I'm reposting what Nano said on Reddit, since he phrased it better than I did. Maybe our lead team can listen to the input from someone who dealt with the same player complaints about PvP on Nostalrius.
  4. Since this change was ostensibly done to combat organized ranking and RMT character selling, here's something to think about. Without group queues, you can now get considerably more honor relative to hardcore rankers by joining a battleground and sitting AFK for the duration of it. There's a lot of AFK botting going on right now (I usually see at least one in about half of the games I join randomly), but in order to actually rank up to the levels that I assume RMT selling required, you'd actually have to play in a game. This change makes it so that AFK botting is more powerful than playing as a team, so I'd expect to see a big increase in botting at the expense of all your players that actually PvP. I'd much rather play a game against a Chinese premade that are going to sell their characters than a bunch of people sitting in the starting area and jumping every 2 minutes. As a player, I don't care at all if people are selling their characters; that's for the GM team to deal with, and if your solution affects me this much then you should find a different one. On another note, pleasing casuals was just not what vanilla warcraft was about at all. Those were all changes from later expansions that ultimately led me (and many many of your players) to stop playing on retail and going back in time to vanilla. Hopefully the lead team can take a step back and look at how this is no different than implementing LFG/R, recruit-a-friend, and reduced raid sizes to make the game easier to play. If we wanted something friendly and easy, we'd go play on retail.
  5. Lorilay

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    Balance druids have very few talents that boost their damage. Leaving out talents that every class has (reduced cast time on nukes and 100% crit damage bonus), leaves you with just Nature's Grace and Moonfury. This pales in comparison with ignite, arcane power, mind-quickening gem (of which there is no equivalent for druids), winter's chill, nightfall, shadow vulnerability, etc etc. Also, there is no warlock curse for nature damage, which limits your nukes to starfire unless you want to deal with higher resists vs lvl 63 mobs. Finally, there is no synergy with any other classes. Mages can stack ignite or make use of winter's chill, and warlocks all benefit from shadow vulnerability and massively from a shadow priest. "Mana efficiency" is a useless characteristic in PvE. No other class has to worry about it for long fights except for rare extreme situations.
  6. Lorilay

    Resto Druid Guide (PvE)

    Just chiming in with a few things: 1. Elixir of Greater Intellect, Elixir of Sages, And Scrolls of Intellect and Spirit (maybe stamina too?) do not stack with raid buffs. Check your character sheet stats if you don't believe me. 2. This is my preferred spec. I don't notice a huge difference without subtlety. If I'm going to be pulling healing aggro, it's usually big enough that a slight decrease in healing threat won't make a difference. One of our other druids does have it, we both have pretty similar healing levels, and he dies way more than I do from healing aggro. I prefer the utility of improved thorns (which really does add up). I also used to use this spec for MC & BWL, since it allows for a lot of healing output with downranked regrowth, but I found that the fights in AQ40 and Naxx are much more spread out, so its utility isn't as high. 3. Rejuvenation and swiftmend are by far my main healing spells. There are many many fights where you can predict heavy raid damage, and it's a very mana efficient spell to use. I only use healing touch to fill the gap in raid damage, time it with large single-target damage, or to be more mana efficient if I'm particularly low on mana with no mana pots or runes available to use.
  7. Lorilay

    Zeth kur character transfer issues

    Have you tried actually logging onto Elysium?
  8. Lorilay

    When to Ferocious Bite?

    4 or more so you don't waste a shred crit, imo.
  9. Lorilay

    Vengeance Talent is not working

    If you're seeing double damage for crits without vengeance, then the base spell is bugged (not the talent). Vengeance increases your spell critical damage from 150% to 200% of the base damage.
  10. Lorilay

    What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    I say armor has no diminishing returns because its effect on your survival has no diminishing returns. I'll use dota armor because the formula is a bit simpler, but WoW has the exact same mechanics. If 100 armor gives you 50% reduction and you have 2000hp, it will take 4000 damage to kill you. However, if you have 200 armor, you only get 66% damage reduction. But, that means it takes 6000 damage to kill you. Each 100 armor gives you the same amount of bonus to your survival, up to a hard cap in WoW. As far as inspiration and healing wave, it's a little RNG, but your 75% armor cap vs level 63 is 21855. Priest or shaman crits give you +25% armor, so 17484 would be the cap for your buffed armor level where you would get no further benefit if a priest or shaman crit healed you. Coincidentally, that's just about the same as the 75% armor cap for a lvl 60 mob without the 25% bonus.
  11. Lorilay

    What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    It's situational. Armor and stam are the what make bears different than warriors, so those are the first two I focus on. Once you approach the level 63 armor cap (including the armor bonuses from priests/shaman), then you should start focusing more on avoidance, since further armor won't do anything beyond the first few hits you take in a typical fight. Generally speaking, I shoot for armor > stam > agi > dodge, and start prioritizing agi & dodge more as you get into AQ level tanking gear (which already puts you at very high armor and stam levels). You have a 2.5 attack speed and the majority of your threat comes from maul, so misses are a pretty big loss to your TPS. Getting some +hit gear is pretty key, as having massive armor mitigation also results in less rage generation (especially in 5-mans).
  12. Lorilay

    What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    Armor doesn't have diminishing returns. That's a myth perpetrated by people who don't understand how to do math. It does have a hard cap of 75% damage reduction, however, so you cap out at ~21k armor for 75% reduction vs level 63 mobs and ~17.5k vs level 60 mobs. Keep in mind priests and shaman will dramatically affect your armor if they're healing you.
  13. Lorilay

    Spellpower coefficient fix (RIP rank 3 HT)

    To show that druids aren't at the bottom of the meters, like some people were complaining about. Factoring in PW:S, our raid healing is pretty even between all classes in our raids, outside of a few encounters where you can cheese the meters with HoTs, like Vael, Viscidus, and the Bug Trio.
  14. Lorilay

    Spellpower coefficient fix (RIP rank 3 HT)

    All our priests are PI spec, and a lot of their effective healing comes from shields which won't show up on meters.