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  1. Jeetee

    /msbt Revenge [proc trigger]

    This is completely unnecessary, it will only add useless clutter to the ui.
  2. Jeetee

    Savage Glad buffed when?

    Server is dead anyways....
  3. Jeetee

    BRE vs Ashkandi

    Bre is far better than ashkandi pve.
  4. Jeetee

    Quel'serrar as a DPS weapon?

    It's better
  5. Jeetee

    Quel'serrar as a DPS weapon?

    Is this really a real question?
  6. Jeetee

    2Handed warrior specc?

    Used arcanite reaper as horde two handed fury in the early molten cores on nost. As orc it was good enough to top meters regularly.
  7. Jeetee

    Pre-AV patch - 2h or DW fury

    With good totem uptime bre is unmatched at this gear level. Imo
  8. Jeetee

    [H - NA] <Convulsion> 9/9 AQ40

    Join and help us spread autism.
  9. It's a max tps guide for flexing epeens. It's fine for what it is.
  10. Jeetee


    I hear 11 years is just enough time to learn how to kill cthun.
  11. Jeetee

    Hello Mafia, Good Bye Mafia.

    I really hope you people are really 14 irl.
  12. Jeetee

    [H - NA] <Convulsion> 9/9 AQ40

    Naxx wen?
  13. Jeetee

    Pre-Raid DPS Belt for Fury (Elysium)

    Just buy belt of valor and pvp here and there. Honored is fairly easy. Arena runs are cancer imo. You won't get big gains in the belt slot until onslaught girdle anyways.
  14. Jeetee

    2Handed warrior specc?

    Debuff slots don't matter on farm content, arms is fine especially horde.
  15. Jeetee

    [H - NA] <Convulsion> 9/9 AQ40

    Courtesy status bump.