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  1. thurmanmerman

    South East USA, AT&T High Ping

    Do you know if we're required to disclose what's on the other end of the IP's? Also, given that all internet packets being sent from the continental US to some other continent have to converge into 'X' number of cables, how is it that only the AT&T customers (for the most part) are being affected? I first noticed a static latency increase of about 40ms to Elysium PvP the day or so following Elysium's most recent DDOS attacks -- is it at all possible that what ever method they're currently using to mitigate DDOS attacks could be causing the issue?
  2. thurmanmerman

    South East USA, AT&T High Ping

    I'm on ATT Fiber out in Texas and am having the same issue. My ping has been 60ms higher for almost a week, and I'm also getting spikes that vary from 400ms to 1k +
  3. thurmanmerman

    Dear <IRON EDGE>

    Tbh <iron edgy> trying desperately to stay relevant http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=63373 lmfao
  4. thurmanmerman

    10 years late Fire Mage :)

    Whoa, I remember this guy. He played on Mal'ganis
  5. thurmanmerman

    Character transfer

    Yo where's the screenshot?
  6. thurmanmerman

    How much longer is Elysium gonna be going down?

    All servers except Elysium seem to be up and running
  7. thurmanmerman

    Ninja - Brogg (Orc Warrior).

    nice one brogg proud
  8. thurmanmerman

    Best of each class Alliance / Horde (BGs)

    Meng of the Wang dynasty