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  1. the mobs also chase you for a too long distance, which they were not on the nost core but on valkyrie. there are many evidences that this is not the original nost core. there are plenty of new bugs (probably caused by copy pasting valkyries code into it?)
  2. Sundanc_r

    I Support Nostalrius

    well, but theres not much we can do to change this. we signed a petition and stated a thousand times that we want vanilla legacy servers. "we" have done more than one can expect. its time to stop suffering and trying to get into blizz ass. its their turn, they have to make the next move. not me, not you, not us, not nostalrius.
  3. Sundanc_r

    why nost is doing this

    but it is the reason
  4. it really is a do or die decision elysium has to make that determines the future of the vanilla community. crash it or protect it
  5. Sundanc_r

    Elysium! Stand Tall!

    so what? its too late to say "uh er, sorry, but pls give back what we've given to you it was a mistake" its too late. they are playing with the ppls trust, a lot of time and passion was invested, they cannot undo this without losing a lot of respect, many players and pushing the legacy movement several years into the past
  6. yes, do what nost asks for and throw the legacy movement 3 years back into the past. gj, you will be remembered
  7. Sundanc_r

    Make Zeth"Khur NO VPN's Please

    VPNs, the new race. most VPNs are used to hide/mask illegal behaviour. it obviously it not its source, but it supports illegal activity and its commiter a lot. thats why theres no reason to not ban them. pls dont make a VPN discussion be about china again. VPN is NOT a synonym for china
  8. Sundanc_r

    Remove faulty AHs

    i am here for the ultimate vanilla experience along with quests and items, AHs were a major change made during vanilla we can make UNDONE, thus add it to the progressive timeline just remove the goddamn AH NPCs, for the ultimate vanilla experience i am very serious! i would love you so much!
  9. remove faulty AHs or atleast its NPCs from UC, TB, SW, darnassus they were not initially in. add them with patch 1.9 only OG and IF are eligible to have one. pls, make it happen! atleast for the new server
  10. Sundanc_r

    how long is a temp suspension?

    keyspammer ha ha.. you mean BOTTING
  11. new server launches on a FRIDAY THE 13TH??
  12. Sundanc_r

    New Server - Horrible Idea

    lets make the new server have a 1k pop cap for a good laugh :D
  13. Sundanc_r

    WTF is a Zeth'khur??!?

    i think its better than elysium, which sounds rather futuristic than wow like, but still way worse than nostalrius or even kronos.