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  1. Pwnjin

    Mara Farming Pet

    When fighting Rotgrip i only use 1 or 2 growls (if i haven't critted with 1st aimed or if i had) at the start of the fight, so after second aimed shot i pull the aggro. After that i tank till i'm able to (making sure not to die from the bleed), FD and finish him off. He usually dies in melee.
  2. Pwnjin

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    Yeah, had to stuck up on squid before april. They are gonna be back in october or november. Well, i do agree that for progression zanza is def better than BL buffs. For MC/BWL farm i don't really need more HP.
  3. Pwnjin

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    Why don't you like Grilled Squid? Best hunter food out there (10agi). Just plan ahead and fish lots of them for summer-time. Also, i don't agree about L buff (Ground Scorpok Assay). It's OP i believe ^^, it gives you damage while 500 HP from Zanza is very good, you don't always need those (especially for MC/BWL when you farm them). I usually buff up in DM+Felwood, then HS to Kargath, fly to Stonard, take 1 Scorpok, pop it, take another one and move to ZG island where i log out till the raid time. That way i have Scorpok up for 6 or 7 of BWL bosses (if you clear fast you could have it for all 8). Also, i don't agree about mana potions (i play on Darrow, so can't really tell the difference 2 oils will make). But i prefer to always stay on the safe side and never go OOM, so i use Major Pots and Runes when needed (requires you to predict the fight duration and the ammoount of mana you would need). If i just need a bit of mana, i use Superiors or Combat pots, yeah. Jujus are great imo. When feeling rich i use AP jujus on pet as well. FR jujus are nice for some bosses. I also use Agi scrolls (3 or 4) on pet, those give him a bit of crit (also only when im feeling rich lol). But if you are limited with time/gold, then i'd go with what you recommend except for food buffs (Nighfins cost the same as Squids on Darrow usually).
  4. Pwnjin

    Herbalism Spawns

    Good herbs are heavily farmed, that's not a surpise to be honest. On the other hand current situation is much better than ~2 months ago (at that time i could ridethrough whole Un'Goro and get 0 foils and 5 silversages). The only hifh level herb which is really abundant is Icecap, but it requires high skill to pick itself. Also, keep in mind that there are more and less heavily farmed times. If you happen to not find herbs at a specific time, try +/- 2h for example. And you can always /who the location you are about to farm and if you find 10 60s there you'd probably fail.
  5. around 20 Chromaggus kills (we missed only 1st ID when we were wiping on him) - 0 hunter shoulders. feels great. also still no Ashkandie and no shield. ah, and still no spinal reaper :D
  6. Pwnjin

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    Great guide and compilattion in general, especially for less experienced hunters, thanks for making it. There are several points on which i disagree in the guide itself and in the comments below. I will quickly adress some of those. - i also do find FR being very important in MC (as well as shadow and arcane res) - your pet couldn't survive Magmadar/Golemagg w/o FR, same goes for Ragna, for example. Sending pets to be cleaved is just not a right approach i think - keep it with you on Destroyers in MC for example. And on cleaving mobs send it from their back. - arcane shot is very good when you have to move and are unable to cast aimed, keep that in mind and use it. good example is Onyxia p2 or any other situation where you need to reposition. personally, if i understand that my aimed/arcane CD is up and i have to move like less than 2-3 seconds (depends on your weapon and cycle position at that moment) - i save CD then, if i have to move for more i use arcane. - serpent sting is definetly usable in BWL on dig dragonkins and Chromaggus when they are nature vulnerable - having one hunter waste points to get 5/5 imp mark is not good in my opinion - that means not having 3/3 slaying or sacrificing 9% crit chance of your pet in exchange for 9 RAP for everybody (which in T1-T2 gear should translate into ~0.25-0.3% dps increase for each hunter present). - i totally disagree with RAP/Crit interpretation and find the presented data not on point. Quick explanation: assuming T2 gear + Ash + full raid buffs (excluding world buffs and Expose Procs cause i don't have data on ther uptime; RWS and armor are ignored here because they both affect your damage as a static multiplier), thorium headed arrows, hunters mark on the target and 20/31/0 build full cycle damage is: (1.195*RAP+1919.9)*(1+1.3*Crit) (1) this comes from adding up 3 autoshots, 1 aimed and corresponding coefficient for multi-shot (i use 0.91 for Ash, but that's not exactly correct). In that conditions a troll hunter has 1720 RAP and 27.4% crit, from that and the formula (1) follows that full cycle damage is (1.195*1720+1919.9)*(1+1.3*0.274) (2) From formula (2) it's easy to calculate an increase in RAP and Crit which will bring about a 1% total cycle damage increase and equate RAP to Crit after that. Long story short - approx. 1% crit = 32 RAP => 1 Agi = 2.6 RAP. Let's make a qualitative analyses: It is obvious now that RAP doesn't affect all of hunter's damage output as you state - on the contrary, it affects only about half of the damage output. This rises from your wapon having it's white damage, you projectiles as well and having raw +damage on both your dps shots - 600 on aimed and 150 on multi. At the same time crit does affect all of hunter's damage. What is also apparent from the formulas (1) and (2) is that relative effectivness of RAP and Crit increase depend on the current ammount of both these stats you have. For example, lets imagine that you have 1720 RAP and, i don't know, 3000 RAP and same 27.4% crit. In the case with imaginary 3000 RAP an increase in 46 RAP will bring about a 1% damage increase, while an increase in crit chance of 0.7% will also bring about a 1% damage increase. That means that in that conditions 1% crit = 65.7 RAP. As you can, with increasin your total RAP the value of RAP compared to crit chance rapidly diminishes. What follows from that is that there are no "crit caps" or anything like that. In each specific situation one has to find and equation between RAP and Crit and from that make decision on which piece of gear is better and so on ^^ In the example above 3000 RAP could seems like a far-fetched fantasy, while if you consider 1720 RAP in T2-level gear and then you add up an expose weakness proc and an Earthstrike activation + possibly coupled to some world buff (DM for example), you will find yourself having around 2600 RAP ^^ That means, for example, that you could switch rings/necks in accordance with trinkets you use/going to use in the near future and so on.
  7. Pwnjin

    Hunter Guide?

    Lactose's post on cycles is the most important thing - here is the repost https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/44520-hunter-rotation-guide-forwarded-from-wow-one
  8. Pwnjin

    Badge of the Swarmguard bugtracker thread!

    Thanks, going to check that later, i got the idea from those videos in the bug tracker. Ive upvoted btw, maybe one day i will also get to play with that trinket :D
  9. Pwnjin

    Badge of the Swarmguard bugtracker thread!

    Anybody happens to know the proc chance of this trinket, by the way? Me and one of my guildies were looking for it but were unable to find any decent info. If the proc rate is high enough that trinket should be very good, probably the best active trinket (assuming you could get to max stacks in like 10-15 sec).
  10. Pwnjin

    Hunter MC/BWL BiS Raiding list?

    Poly, i think you missed 28 RAP on ZG rings set due to 14agi. That will put it on par with QSR+Applied force. Since ive crunched numbers i do agree that your build provides more dps.
  11. Pwnjin

    Hunter MC/BWL BiS Raiding list?

    I've compared the set up Poly advised with the one i did and found out that Poly's set up is ~0.5% dps better than mine. So on a theoretical approach one could aim for that.
  12. Pwnjin

    Hunter MC/BWL BiS Raiding list?

    I dont agree with Poly on BWL lvl BiS - 7dmg scope adds around 4dps, so it's very bad. At the same time Don Julio + Quick Strike is worse dps wise than ZG rings set or Quick Strike + Cirle of Applied Force (last two combos are pretty much the same, around 1% difference; although the second combo is better). Nevertheless, the biggest point is DFT being unonbtainable in a real envirionment. Also, being unable to swap out of DFT limits you a lot i think, especially later into the game when there are more active trinkets out there. If you consider really obtainable items then 8/8 T2, Ash, ZG weapons, ZG rings, Ragna/Baron backs and Prestors are BiS. Keep in mind that Hakkar neck is better than Ony neck if you don't need that hit. IMO with these discussions it should be stated for which setting you want to gear for - some items will change depending on the world buffs you have. On a side note: heart of Hakkar trinket is so bad so it's worse than DM trinket if you want to equip it during the fight and use after it cool downs. And you don't want to use it as an opener trinket cause it's worse than Renataki and Eye. Renataki's is very strong tho.
  13. Pwnjin

    Development Update 05.04.2017

    seems like nice changes, thank you!
  14. thanks a lot for this addon, much appreciated
  15. For us caster loot is troublesome in MC In BWL - 0 melee weapons, tears are plentyfull