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  1. Hey guys, after a long break from vanilla (played on Nost), I'm looking to start back again and reroll on Elysium. I'm looking for a leveling partner since I much prefer the social and grouping aspect of vanilla rather than just playing solo. I would be open to having 1-2+ people to start leveling with me, that way we have a decent group to knock out all group quests, dungeons and anti gank. To me this is the best way to enjoy the leveling experience and vanilla world. I would prefer to use a voice chat like discord or something, and am pretty active. I'm located in NA (CST timezone), if you are interested PM me or reply here and we can get something sorted out. I am open to playing all classes, and have a wide range of availability. Hope to see yall ingame
  2. Valandar


    It's not too bad at all if you enjoy world PvP. It adds a layer of excitement to the leveling process, and you won't see too many 60s corpse camping or gambling unless you camped their lowbie.
  3. Pottu said they were going to fix it, it's either a hard fix or they are in no rush. I would just roll an alt youve wanted to play while waiting, no reason not to play
  4. Valandar

    What direction should i go?

    I would say stick with Nost PvP. The beauty about vanilla is people will always be doing all content, so you will be able to easily find a guild to progress through all the raids. The only reason people should go to the new server is if they are rushing for server first/second/third etc. If you have a life Nost PvP is great, there's also always new players there so you'll always find lots of people your level.
  5. Valandar

    experience off or on

    They already stated they will not be doing this.
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    Time for New a New PvP Server

    It's not as easy as just opening donations and creating a new server. They might get the money needed but they need a way bigger team and man power to deal with another server. That won't happen overnight. Be patient and let's see how this turns out. Opening another server with the staff they have now would just slow things down for each sever in terms of tickets/bugs/etc