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  1. As long as you're not dying to mechanics or pulling aggro you can get away without AddOns no problem. Now if you're constantly dying or pulling aggro and still refuse to use AddOns... That's a different story.
  2. Looking for an Off Tank!
  3. 6/9 AQ40 now. Still need hunters, locks and mages to fill our roster.
  4. Bump! I'm having the same issue. Even when running the client with all AddOns disabled except for abar the swing timer does not appear. I can access the setting via the chat window and move the anchor around no problem. Anyone know how to get the swing timer to actually appear?
  5. Hi, I stream mage and rogue gameplay across 3 servers Anathema(Alliance), Elysium(Horde) and sometimes Kronos(Horde). Come watch me PVE in MC/BWL/AQ40 with my shit tier NA guilds Ritual and Dank Budz Collective. There's also lots of World PvP. You can also expect cats, good music(I think?), ResidentSleeper spam, the occasional shitty IRL streams, casting couch, EU Math jokes, Talesavo yelling at someone, booty shots, feminine penis and MORE! https://www.twitch.tv/zilted Started to upload random clips to Youtube as well https://www.youtube.com/user/ablis89 Normally stream on random nights during NA primetime and random hours on the weekend.
  6. Zil

    2x Freezing Band

    https://clips.twitch.tv/KawaiiWanderingLaptopLitty Running double freezing bands
  7. Bump! All current content is cleared in a single night now.
  8. Zil

    POM Pyro spec

    Because Blast Wave is too good to skip in PvP as Fire.
  9. None of those Dank Budz were "spies".
  10. Zil

    Lag after patch

    Yup. Having lots of weird delay and instances where I can't use spells like blink, Iceblock, etc. Keep getting "Spell is not ready" spam. Example. https://clips.twitch.tv/PoorSmokyYogurtTinyFace
  11. Zil

    elemental spec for pvp in this patch ?

    It's not really the best atm until we're able to gain more crit and sp from gear. Obtainable crit/sp is very low right now so you'll oom real quick and struggle with anything that can heal. I could be wrong though. I've only played Elemental in post BWL patches.
  12. Tried this, but it doesn't show if the mob tag is yours or not. Being able to see that is very important for what I do.
  13. The real questions is... Why are you still here posting on the message board?
  14. @Ko0z You still plan on updating this addon? I want to keep using it, but the flickering HP bar with modui is getting annoying. :(