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  1. I really like Nefarian's class-based mechanics and I absolutely hate the bronze debuff on Chromaggus. My favourite is probably Twin Emperors in AQ40 though because as a warlock, I finally do something other than spamming shadowbolts. What are your favourites? Or most hated bosses in vanilla? I'm talking both raiding and normal instances.
  2. Light

    Improved Drain Soul not working?

    I usually go 3/5 suppression and 2/5 improved Corruption before switching over to demo and picking talents up to Master Summoner at level 31. This should allow you to have a fast corruption, be hit capped against yellow targets and most importantly have an improved voidwalker and a cooldown to summon a new one in 0.5 seconds for a second shield which is incredibly helpful once you start venturing out into the contested territories. Then you can finish off improved corruption, depending on your playstyle you can go for improved life tap or just immediately go into improved drain life. I don't think drain life is all that useful before you get some spellpower and 3/8 T1, but neither is improved lifetap. Curse of Exhaustion is amazing for pvp and nightfall is always nice to have for some lucky bursts.
  3. Light


    Try going into your character's settings folder: \World of warcraft\wtf\account\Your_account_name\Your_character_name\SavedVariables\ and delete the files Necrosis.lua and Necrosis.lua.bak, then it should work with version 1.5.4 I think it tries to load an older version of Necrosis because of the settings, but I don't really know. Worked for me at least.
  4. Light

    Life Drain Question

    Not really until you get 3-set T1 which increases the life you gain by 15% combined with the talent for another 10%. It also scales pretty bad with Drain Life. As a leveling warlock you will want to go demonology so you can survive the ganks. I recommend going for this spec at 33, then continuing down the affliction tree grabbing the rest of Improved Corruption, Amplify Curse, Fel Concentration, Nightfall, Grim Reach etc. Do NOT take Improved Drain Soul, it is extremely bad and not worth the points unless you stack spirit gear at which point you will get murdered by gankers. The spec boosts your voidwalker's abilities so when you sac it you gain 30% more shield, then you can pop Fel Domination and summon a new void in 0.5 seconds to gain a second shield. This will make you pretty much invincible against most gankers if they are on similar level or even a bit beyond. I as a 57 managed to fend off and kill a general rank warrior by using this spec, it's incredibly powerful.
  5. Light

    SM/Ruin Pet

    In dungeons you will mostly be using the imp for Blood Pact and Fire Shield as well as some damage. You can also use the Succubus to CC some targets, also works very well in PvP. The Fellhunter is mostly used in PvP to silence spellcasters and dispell people. Voidwalkers are mostly for soloing stuff.
  6. Light

    How to actually calculate how much SP crit is worth?

    Short answer: 1 crit is valued at 7-9 SP and 1 hit is valued at 10-12 SP. it depends on your gear, generally crit becomes more valuable as you get more SP and hit. Long answer: Average dps can be calculated with a formula using this data: SP: your spelldamage SP_coefficient: your spelldamage coefficient (0.8571 for shadowbolts) Int: your intellect which is used to calculate crit Crit modifier: your base crit of 1.8333 + your crit from int (int/60) + crit from talents (normally 5% from Devastation) + crit from gear. Hit: base miss chance (17% for bosses) - your +hit from gear. This gives us the expression 0,83 + Hit. Resistance modifier: the average dps you lose from resistances. Base resistance for most bosses is 145. CoS takes 75 from that leaving you with 70 resistance, each 10 resistance lowers your average dps by 2.5%, thus 10 spell pen increases it by 2.5% until you have 70 spell pen. This formula relies on you having the talent Ruin which increases your crit damage bonus by 100% so a crit now does double damage, this simplifies the formula significantly and is an almost necessary talent. First work out what your average shadowbolt will hit for: SB_average (rank 9) = 481,5+ SP*SP_coefficient example 1: with 100SP your average shadowbolt will hit for: 481,5 +100*0.8571 = 567,2 Now you calculate your average dps. SP_DPS = SB_average/cast time. Untalented the cast time is 3 seconds, with talents it's 2,5 seconds. example 2: using the above result for SB_average we get 567,2/2,5 = 226,88 average dps. This vaue is then weighted by your crit, hit and spell penetration. with crit the formula becomes SP_DPS*Crit_modifier example 3: again using the above result of 226,88 average dps. Let's say we have 205 int and 2% crit from gear Our Crit_modifier becomes (1.8333 + 5 + (205/60) + 2) = 12,25%, we need it in decimal form though, which is 0,1225 Weighting our SP_DPS value with Crit_modifier gives us 226,88*(1+0,1225) = 254,673 dps Now we weigh in your +hit The Hit_modifier is subtracted from 1 to give you a <1 value which will decrease your dps. example 4: using our crit weighted value we simply further multiply our Hit_modifier in this fashion: SP_DPS*Crit_modifier*(0,83 + Hit) So let's say you have the Bloodvine set which gives you 4% hit, that will weigh our dps with 0,83 + 0,04 Our new dps will be 226,88*1,1225*(0,83 + 0,04) = 221,566 Lastly we need spell penetration. This stat only really arrives in AQ and Naxx gear, but let's say you have 20 spell pen. The Resistance_modifier will be 70-20 = 50, which decreases our dps by 50 * 0,25% = 12,5% This is then added on to our dps to finally give us the correct value: 221,566*(1-0,125) = 193,870 The complete formula is best described in two steps: 1) SP_DPS = (481,5 + SP*SP_coefficient)/2,5 (Remember that you get Shadow bolt rank 10 in AQ so you'll have to change the average damage to 510,5) 2) average_dps = SP_DPS * (1 + Crit_modifier) * (0,83 + Hit) * (0,825 + (Spell_pen * 0,0025)) 3) Apply damage increasing talents like Shadow Mastery and Demonic Sacrifice. Just multiply by 1.10 for SM or MD and 1.15 for DS. To test this out let's see how much SP, crit and hit is worth in pre-BiS gear. With pre-BiS gear you should have approximately 205 int, 279 SP and 2% crit. Putting these numbers into the formula we get an average dps of 221,56 (I'm leaving SM and DS weights out for simplicity). Now we can add 1 SP, 1 hit and 1 crit and check the change. Adding 1 SP yields 221,82 dps, which is a 0.1189% increase. Adding 1 hit yields 224,23 dps which is a 1,2048% increase. Adding 1 crit yields 223,53 dps which is a 0,8909% increase. Adding 1 spell pen yields 222,23 dps which is a 0,30303% increase Now we can divide through and find the stat weights. If we set SP as being our unit value to compare with, then hit is worth 10,13 SP, crit is worth 7,49 SP and spell pen is worth 2,55 SP. Subsequently we can see that 1 hit is worth about 1,35 crit If we do the same thing with the BiS items for BWL and ZG we get that hit is worth 12 SP, crit is worth 9,6SP and spell pen has jumped up to 3,33 We can also see that 1 hit is worth 1,25 crit, which means crit is becoming more valuable than hit at this point. This can be used to show that both Briarwood Reed (29SP) and Royal Seal of Eldre'thalas (23 SP) are better than Eye of the Beast (2% crit). The easiest way to compare the values of the different attributes is to make an equation in excel or google sheets and feed it with different attributes. You can combine all the formulas into one giant expression if you want and if you do that I would recommend writing notes explaining what does what in the formula in case you don't use it for half a year and subsequently forgotten how to use it. The DPS increase you get from Improved shadowbolt is difficult to measure properly because it affects the entire raid. Generally more crit increases the total warlock dps while going for the other stats will increase your own. In order to keep the buff up 100% of the time you would need a theoretical 25% crit, which is pretty difficult to attain without world buffs. What I've found just playing around with the numbers is that spellpower scales very well when you have bad gear, then once you get to 250-300 SP crit becomes more valuable, but hit becomes incredibly valuable. Once you start reaching 10-11% hit its value starts to taper off and crit/SP becomes more valuable again. Spell penetration scales with your average dps, so if your dps is very high then spell pen will be very powerful. Once you get into Naxx you will probably have 10% hit and crit at least with 20-40 spell pen depending on how many pieces of T2,5 you have. so at that point the stats weigh pretty evenly. Also there are not many choices for gear. One of the big choices is to go with a 2H or 1H/OH and here it's usually better to go 1H/OH unless you're looking at Atiesh. Notable exception is also Staff of the Shadowflame which is a beastly staff especially if you can get +hit from elsewhere. Claw of Chromaggus + Tome of Shadow Force or Jin'do's Bag of Whammies are close though and the staff from AQ is not much of an upgrade from Staff of the Shadowflame so you will need to replace it with MH/OH there. Another choice is trinkets. I do remember a post about trinkets which have an activateable ability are generally better because their item level points are worth more. Lastly don't forget about stats! It's all fine and dandy to be a glass cannon if your healers are on point, but keep in mind that you will be lifetapping to maintain mana and if you are a few healers short you probably won't be topped so certain mechanics can kill you very fast.
  7. But it should work with that macro. I'm fairly sure it worked on Nostalrius at least.
  8. I'm trying to make a macro that will stop my current casting and then cast a spell, but I can't get it to work. If I run /script SpellStopCasting() /lunamo Holy Light It will cast Holy Light on my mouseover target. If I press it again, it should stop the casting and cast Holy Light again. However if I press it within the GCD it stops the cast but doesn't cast it again (which it should because SpellStopCast shouldn't trigger the GCD). If I press it after GCD then it correctly stops the cast and casts it again, but the animation is missing. Now if I press it again it simply doesn't work at all, no matter when I press it. Only way to cancel the cast is to press esc or move. I can use a separate macro with only the stopcast command in it and that will work, but when they are combined into one macro they don't. It also doesn't work with /script SpellStopCasting() /cast Holy Light even with no addons enabled. Any help on this? I really want to have a macro where I can press a button to keep recasting Holy Light on a tank until he's missing enough HP to let the cast finish.
  9. Okay I did some testing and I think it failed to work because I had a wrong file in SavedVariables. So if you get an error try go to your wow_folder\WTF\Account\Your_Account\SavedVariables\ and delete AdvancedTradeSkillWindow.lua and AdvancedTradeSkillWindow.lua.bak if it exists. You have to do this for all accounts that you're using. The 0.5.0 version doesn't seem to work at all but 0.4.4 does work and you can get it from Sixmist's link above.
  10. I've tried version 0.4, 0.4.4, 0.5 and 0.8 now and none of them work.
  11. Light

    Choppy/laggy castbar

    I made a post about it on the subreddit here. It happens to me when my computer has been on for a while. It seems to have something to do with the timing modes I think. Rebooting always works for me though.
  12. Light

    Warlock PvE Afflicition with Pet?

    Oh.. right. But it does seem like a lot of people believe it's possible to have improved blood pact but it's not. The only way to have it is by going DS/Ruin or MD/Ruin at which point you're gimping your dps pretty significantly. I've seen a lot of raidleaders not understanding this -.-
  13. Light

    Warlock PvE Afflicition with Pet?

    You can't have Improved Blood Pact as SM/Ruin (30/0/21).
  14. I'm trying to get this addon to work but I keep getting errors. I'm getting Interface\AddOns\AdvancedTradeSkillWindow\atsw.lua:2162: attempt to index global `atsw_itemlist' (a nil value) When logging in with only this addon active. And Interface\AddOns\AdvancedTradeSkillWindow\atsw.lua: 124: attempt to index global `atsw_disabled' (a nil value) When I open my alchemy menu. I've tried many different versions and none of them works. Has anyone got a working version or maybe an addon similar to this?
  15. Light

    Suppression talent

    It says it reduces the chance of targets resisting your affliction spells, does this both act as +hit and spell penetration? Will it help prevent others from resisting my spells because they are buffed with SR or will it only help in raids?