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  1. whitenoise

    Lvl 43 using reckoning

    I see haha. Thanks man, I'll just go back down the Ret tree.
  2. whitenoise

    Lvl 43 using reckoning

    Yeah, I'm using a 3.7 speed 2H mace. A few people were talking in /5 last night about how going prot to get 5/5 reckoning and then back down the ret tree for optimal damage when using "/sit" in between mob swings. Fuck lol, back to the trainer to drop 5g to spec back. Thanks man.
  3. whitenoise

    Lvl 43 using reckoning

    Is it worth leveling using the prot tree to reckoning and then down the ret tree? I started using reckoning last night and using the "/sit" macro but it didnt seem to be doing more then when I was full ret. I suppose im doing something wrong? I buff and judge SotC>buff SoR> /sit between swings> but im at like 40% health on the same level mob when its finally dead. It seems that my auto attack toggles off when I use /sit. Is this what is causing my issue?
  4. whitenoise

    Gnomish Deathray

    Thank you!
  5. whitenoise

    Gnomish Deathray

    Where do I learn the Gnomish Deathray? Is it a BoP drop, or special trainer out in the middle of nowhere? Thanks.
  6. whitenoise

    Leveling Ret, judging question.

    Okay cool, thanks! I’m level 20 right now, working on the mace quest. My current weapon is 3.7–so basically just buff sotc and auto attack, yes?
  7. whitenoise

    Leveling Ret, judging question.

    While leveling, someone explained to me to go 3/3 SotC > Judge 1x SotC> buff SoR and judge SoR until dead. Their reason being the SotC debuff on the target increases holy damage done. Is this what I should be doing?
  8. whitenoise

    Paladin 1-60 Leveling & Talent Guide

    Back to the front of the line.
  9. whitenoise

    Healing addon (mouse wheel)

    On nostalrius I was using heal bot and it worked, but since playing elysium version it hasn't worked and all I get is lua errors. Would also like to know of other click-to-heal addons.
  10. whitenoise

    leveling question

    Thanks for the insight guys, very much appreciated.
  11. Hi guys, newb question here. I never got to level 60 in classic, as i started november 2006 then TBC was released, so it was months after that. As of right now I have a 26 priest, and if I play anywhere from 3-5 hours a day questing, how long would you estimate it take me to get to 60? I am not so much in a rush, as I do enjoy the leveling content, but just kind of where I could be at here. Thanks!
  12. whitenoise

    Healing Priest pvp spec?

    Hey all, just wondering what the preferred spec would be for a priest healing in BG's? I played a Rogue in Classic, but have been healing since WotLK, which is what I prefer to do these days. Any insight, tips, etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. whitenoise

    Cant remember this downranking healing addon?

    Quickheal is what you're looking for.. http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/34863-quickheal-1134-healing-addon/ Go there.