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  1. Muhsogyny

    Raiding without addons + bigwigs

    Raiding isn't remotely hard enough to warrant the use of addons, as long as the raid leader is calling out timers
  2. Muhsogyny


    You mean like tier pieces not being in the game 4+ weeks after content is released?
  3. Okay I'm no expert on blizzlike C'thun but 15% first burn phase is retarded why are you doing this?
  4. Muhsogyny

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    Maybe now I can stop bitching? The materials for tier 2.5 shoulders have only been sitting in my bags for 4 weeks. I missed two entire AV weekends of not being able to show off. Also lol @ Anyone that played Classic (and a lot of those that didn't) knew Clearcasting was supposed to be 10% proc per spell cast and not 10% proc per target.
  5. What excuse is there for this? It's been 3 weeks since AQ40 released on Anathema and the quest for hunter tier 2.5 shoulders is still not available. This should take 5 minutes to fix. It shouldn't take a bugtracker or github report. Shoulders in general are the most prominent pieces when displaying the gear you have gotten from the latest raids. They are not only a status symbol but a TIER piece and for hunters are best in slot for certain fights and pvp. This needs to be a priority.
  6. All pieces give an increase an agility with no loss in crit %. There is a loss of I believe 2% hit when transitioning from 2 to 2.5, but hunters have many options for hit cap through scope, talents, rings, and leg/head enchants. The hit isn't a problem for me personally, it just depends how much gear you've collected. I'm trying to transition to a +7 damage scope without needing the 3% hit scope, while having surefooted. That said, the set could be so much better and it is disappointing for an AQ40 set. I agree with you about the 5/5 bonus. I'm thinking its primary benefit will be C'thun and maybe Ouro (arguably the only hard/semi hard bosses in the raid), and pvp. Lowering rapid fire cd from 5 minutes to 3 minutes will make me much more likely to use it in a fight without worrying about needing it later.
  7. Muhsogyny


    This shit is real
  8. Bug tracker? I've killed enough bugs already. Give me my 2.5 shoulders quest (and 3 set bonus).
  9. Oh yeah, the hunter t2.5 shoulders quest isn't even in the game. I would really like that 5 piece set bonus. That's almost the whole point of getting the pieces.
  10. Arcane Shot, Serpent Sting, and Volley are not scaling with the spell damage from t2.5 at all. I have two pieces so far (+21 spell damage) and their damage has gone up by zero. It appears that immolation and explosive traps are the only abilities that are being affected by spell damage, I guess because they are full spells while the shots are spell hybrids, but they are supposed to scale as they did in vanilla. This is mainly a problem for pvp. Those spell damage stats that take up quite a bit of item value are being completely wasted. It's bad enough that it's there to begin with. And no, hunter t2.5 is not trash. It has better stats than t2, you can use rapid fire twice or more in one fight, and you aren't putting a shitty debuff on the boss that can push off ignites.
  11. No GMs are doing anything about it
  12. People just want to bitch about anything, regardless of merit.
  13. The only people I ever see bitch about WotF are shit tier plebs not an argument