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  1. pfUI already have that feature which is why it bugs out when you have it 2 times from both YAHT and pfUI, and you can disable just the multi-shot timer in YAHT..
  2. Cruzix

    What addon is he using?

    Yup thats itemrack. Lots of people have been asking for an addon like TrinketMenu but for utility items such as rocket helm and other engineering items etc but Itemrack currently is the best choice of addon for this, to my knowledge at least... sadly :/
  3. Cruzix

    Post Your UI #3456789

    While it's just plain stupid to have the unitframes hidden away in the corner, it's something that I can get by. What bothered me the most was the unnecessarily big NON transparent chat box (really... how important can a chat be that it has to take up 1/4th of the screen :p) and the cooldowns thing seems really unnecessary and especially where its positioned and it's huge size. The scrolling text addon you have also does nothing good but causing ridiculous amount of screen clutter same goes for powerauras with huge graphics - its unnecessary clutter. Also Enemyframes havn't been locked so it shows a lot irrelevant info It's just my two cents though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Cruzix

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Almost as unnecessarily cluttered as my UI back in the retail vanilla days edit: And the windowed frame doesn't make it much better D: oh god
  5. Cruzix

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Looks pretty nice but why on earth would you want your micro menu placed so centered/focused D: Also the eagles overlapping the unit frame triggers me nice binds
  6. Cruzix

    Keeping addons up to date

    @Korfi He obviously means he's looking for a way to easily update addons that are getting frequent updates so that he always has the latest features/bug fixes (usually addons hosted on github) - just like the Curse Client can do for retail WoW addons.
  7. Cruzix

    Addons--any1 knows wat's ui?

  8. Cruzix

    Windserpent vs cat/raptor DPS

  9. Cruzix

    Post Your UI #3456789

    You can easily replicate that UI with pfUI
  10. Cruzix

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Thats not the same addon at all. I already knew of UFI.
  11. I've previously been looking for the same thing for engineering items (helm, boots and belt), Skull of Impending Doom etc. but the closest addon to it that i've found was ItemRack. It gives you a menu for each item slot although it doesnt have any of the additional features that TrinketMenu has. such as queue an item to be equipped after next "out of combat" (great for feign death scenarios) or auto equip when X amount of seconds left on the CD. etc. So I would really appreciate if someone could make this addon happen :)
  12. Cruzix

    Pets and stealth.

    Thats not a bug >.<. It worked exactly the same on retail and has been confirmed to be working as intended by a GM response saying that "Stealth is not intended to be an escape mechanic, Vanish should be used to escape combat in these situations." Here's a clip of it from retail vanilla (2006): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0O4RKeD4g4 GM response: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/125724-commonly-reported-issues-that-are-not-qa-bugs/
  13. Cruzix

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Haha yeah, I noticed too. Well tbh I don't know how to feel about it cuz I really like LL as it is right now but im still very curious to see what @Shino is working on regardless! :) Hopefully it's something that will completely kill realmplayers as a "competitor" though... so all logs will be uploaded to the same place :p