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  1. That's considering a perfect scenario where you kill the boss in 2 phase 1, means no damage on the raid, or almost. if you do a 3rd phase 1, for example the boss is at 20% and you gotta do the same once more, there is no way at all the raid will be toped starting 3rd phase 1. All healers will have aggro 1 by 1, killing them, and the boss will move all the time making it impossible to tank, nature clouds will be in the middle of everyone, and at the end, there is no healer alive because the tank can't catch up 10k heal aggro quick enough. Viscidus had a shit ton of rescripts since aq did open, first week it was dead within first phase, then they implemented a script making it impossible to one shot in 15 sec, then the blubs did move faster. Nowadays, you gota do the blub slow mode, and freeze the boss to death (means perfect scenario boss dies when freeze 2nd phase 1). Perfect scenario don't really exist in a progression guild, so I recommend the tanks using as much threat as possible (without sacrificing to much ehp, obviously) to be able to grab it back once entering a 3rd phase 1 where generally a wipe is due to heal aggro, or a down because the tank has enough TPS.
  2. ehp doesn't really matter, boss doesn't hit for shit. You rather wanna get the boss back as quickly as possible. DPS won't take the boss, I agree, and it's why you go full tps gear, because healers will overaggro instantly. The tricky part results in the boss itself, the aggro generation is based upon between P1 P2 transition, making healers getting to much aggro because they are healing the entire raid before engaging P1 again. tanks using ehp with to less threat will result in a wipe due to healer overaggro, even if the tank keep 100 rage on transition, you will need this extra tps to catch up instantly. Did advised a couple tanks / guilds on this, they all thank me later, changes everything TPS in this fight !
  3. 0, tanks don't use NR on Visc, simple reason : Aggro switch from P2 to P1. Full TPS gear aswell, obviously
  4. Ixl

    Ironfoe Testing

    correct me if im wrong, but it procs from SA, really harsh to test, but im like 80% confident
  5. Ixl

    Development Update 19.07.2017

    Bloodthirst, Sunder Armor and Execute are now able to trigger chance on hit procs. Sunder Armor not procing with Ironfoe. Thanks for all the fixes thought!
  6. Ixl

    Ironfoe Testing

    tested aswell, ironfoe doesn't proc from SA sadly. crul ftw still
  7. Gz this week everyone ! 10:54 min C'thun kill without world buff according to PoV's.
  8. Top. http://dreamstate.shivtr.com/