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  1. Hater

    To the Admin(s) of PTR #1 Server/Realm

    I did some googleing on your issue, looks like corrupt fires, perhaps your WOW is pulling a corupt fire for Nighthaven. It could be something as simple as a piece of gear file one of your characters on Nighthaven is wearing that is not on your PTR character list.
  2. I have seen too much shady shit to believe this.... Sorry, try harder.... After seeing safe spotting, retarded boss pulls through walls with flying hunter pets, I have given up reporting anything due to GM inaction.* * I dont do any of this crap, I dont believe in it, but when it happens, I just drop group or run back, rez and go do something else...
  3. Hater

    Server Merge is here!

    My resto druid is already 3 piece Tier 3, and more, and if I did not mention, my Anathema characters are lowBs, its the 30s druid I want to see again, but in game chatter everyone wants to have those characters again, hence my continual posting about the topic. Never watched the second movie, back in the day I was getting into cars and trucks, racing (and I hate to say, cocaine), movies didnt have the appeal they had before, and the shock of seeing cartoon tits faded into actual tits. I still listen to the music Heavy Metal the movie introduced me to, Im still a big fan of BOC, Sammy Hagar, and that evolved into Deep Purple, Richie Blackmore's Rainbow, and Rainbows latest with Ronnie Romero on vocals blows me away. I do like the heavier music, so Romeros Lords of Black really went over well with me.... Cheap Trick, Journey and Black Sabbath (with RJD) has stayed in my playlist since day one. All Dio's music is in my playlist, which includes the best of (again) Rainbow! Not a big fan of Steve Perrys new music.
  4. Hater

    Server Merge is here!

    The Elysium community was told "after" NAXX patch, then January, how long will they push this? The players are egear to play these characters again, and its also a boon to our server population as more have the option to return. After merging the other servers it should happen easily as the bugs have been worked out... Seriously, why the continual delay every time we ask? Thanks! I still have the movie on VHS (weird i know).
  5. Hater

    Server Merge is here!

    Is there a current ETA on the Anathema merger?
  6. Hater

    Forced PvP

    Perhaps a future idea is to sell a PVE token, similar to one of the X2 XP tokens that are currently offered in the coin shop. https://cp.elysium-project.org/shop/category/4
  7. Also, you are a warlock, and cannot use Plate.... However the gloves he is wearing here have LESS defense, so he may also be looking at gaining more defense..... Doesnt matter, they are tank gloves, you are not a tank, you are a warlock. https://legacyplayers.com/Armory/?charid=702505 https://classicdb.ch/?item=13072
  8. Did he roll need and win? I dont see a problem, this is how the game works. Perhaps they have an stat he needed. If you rolled need and lost, thats also how the game works.
  9. I wont be running my Shaman Horde side, Ill be leveling it Alliance side, and its already level 60.... so 60 to 60. So when someone levels a shaman alliance to 60, the current Shaman 60s should be able to start Outland at that level. I have ZERO desire to run Horde, I ran Horde on Nost (where my Shaman started its life), everyone I play with ere is Alliance.
  10. So I log in and make a alliance Shaman (smart ass comment, I know), then I can faction change? or lvl 60? 70? 60 would make more sense since any faction changes would be from lvl 60 to level 60....
  11. I have a 60 Shaman that i want to go Alliance at TBC launch. Will this be possible? I have the Elysium coins to complete the service, and played a Shaman when TBC was current content, I want to do it again. Will Elysium allow this?
  12. Hater

    donation by paypal

    It works correctly, I just used it last night and ekztal is correct, its easy to miss but you need to scroll up at the screen he posted, and check the box to add a message.
  13. Hater

    I cant fly some places

    You forget to stop in IF and learn the flight point?
  14. Hater

    Anathema characters?

    This was announced on Discord Dec 4:
  15. Hater

    donation by paypal

    I wonder if my issue is with having 1-click setup with Paypal... I never seen your "+" button.