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  1. I've downloaded some addons from that site and what I've noticed it on some is that once you extract the zip file there's more zip files in it. That freaked me out a bit and I'm glad that I'm using 2FA as that might be some potential keyloger.
  2. Bonappetit

    AV Backdoor

    There's only one answer to that, it's 100% legit as it doesn't include exploiting. It's literally jumping from one solid ground to another. Actual wall jumping would be this and it would be bannable if it was used against others. As I've enjoyed exploring myself back then I can assure you the wall jumping was extremely hard, especially connecting more then few jumps before failing.
  3. Bonappetit

    AV Backdoor

    There's an active post on the reddit about this and an answer to: "Can the horde do this or is this prohibited by the TOS?" was "Yes, as of right now you can do it." by Cogfather_Elysium GM And to answer your "walljumping", which actually isn't, here's an actual proper post from reddit as well "This isn't a "walljump" where you jump up or are able to run across steep inclines. You just jump from one spot of solid ground to another. This geography being in the game even in Legion strongly indicates it's intended."
  4. Bonappetit

    Choppy/laggy castbar

    No duo monitors here but my CPU and Memory are around 40-50%. I think I'll need to dust my PC :)
  5. Bonappetit

    Choppy/laggy castbar

    I've got the same issue since yesterday, not sure whats causing it. High end PC, Vsync off etc.
  6. They would earn even more golds by that. I would rather make the recipe BoP to counter the gold sellers (if they're indeed using bots and auto clickers to acquire the mentioned recipe)
  7. Bonappetit

    Benediction - The Balance of Light and Shadow

    FEW TIPS: - Don't bother with Oil of Immolation, it shares the CD with mana potions (bug) - Get a friend to stand on top of the cave, he can mark some mobs he finds that are close to dieing and count the deaths for you in case the reset is needed - As already mentioned, go with a 5/5 Spirit Tap talent and bring potions, runes and mp5 food (I even bought some inte/spir items and some inte elixirs, should be more then fine with 6k mana) Goodluck!
  8. Majority of them aren't even legit. It's the game of who has the fastest auto clicker 3rd party program.
  9. Bonappetit

    Healing guide

    This is like a bible for healers. I suggest any healer to give this a good read.
  10. Bonappetit

    Dark Ui

    You need to remove "-master" from the folder name.
  11. Bonappetit

    After playing a tank and a healer

    I just stay out of combat and let him die, don't even ressurect him as running back to the corpse should be a good lesson. But then again, some people never learn :)
  12. Bonappetit

    WoD Models

    This one should be added to the sticky post of what not to suggest. Pottu please :)
  13. Bonappetit

    Why not add new features?

    None said vanilla had everything ideal, it's far from that. We love it as it is, no matter the cons or pros, it's a beautiful mess we all appreciate.
  14. Just wondering about this as I got disconnected and logged back into a queue. Wasn't there a 3 minute grace period?
  15. Bonappetit

    The duke needs time to think

    Perhaps a metaphor not to bug the devs every single second? Otherwise ok