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  1. problazer

    Talent tree feedback

    Take at least 2 points out of Deflection and put them in Tactical Mastery. (you can debate no points in Deflection and instead do 2/3 improved heroic strike) Take a point out of Improved Battle Shout and pickup Piercing Howl, it's an amazing ability for leveling and pvp.
  2. problazer

    Talent tree feedback

    Some consider Anger Management the best warrior talent in the game for both tanks and fury warriors in pve. 5/5 in tactical mastery can be debatable depending on your playstyle while leveling. But if you stance dance at all you at least want enough points in tactical mastery to be able to use whatever ability you are stance dancing for. Improved Overpower is strong when your gear is weak, it helps maintain Flurry uptime, but if you plan on using it you will want enough points in tactical mastery to be able to switch to battle stance and use an overpower immediately. In end game many fury warriors don't even use overpower. This is due to their crit chance being so high they don't rely on overpower to feed flurry, and the rage and time loss to have to stance dance for 1 ability.
  3. problazer

    Wrath 8 set bonus: useful?

    8/8 t2 is amazing for heavy physical fights. Broodlord, Death Talon trash, Chromag, Nef. All of these are ideal fights for the t2 set. The way the set bonus works is that it's a 4% chance after a block to give you 100% chance to parry! If you look at your spell book after you get a proc you will have something like ~120% parry chance. It will be whatever your normal Parry % chance is + 100%. It is a very very strong set bonus, and even gives you some extra threat when you consider the parry haste you receive after each parried attack. This set bonus is so good you will situationally use 8/8 t2 as you start Naxx over 2.5 gear.
  4. This baddie ninja looted himself DFT and left our guild. He's now hiding it from realmplayers out of fear of GM retribution. Play with him at your own risk. -he also assaults people for a living.
  5. I respect your tenacity in recruiting. After hearing the same rumor about Edema I jumped on the forums to bump our post. You were 15 minutes before me. Posting in their own recruitment thread was a master stroke. I am only jealous of your speed and efficiency.
  6. We have most classes open for recruitment. We haven't had trouble filling 40 lately but only have 32 signed up for AQ tonight. If you are a dedicated player there is plenty of room on our roster. We do a signup sheet each week for our 3 raids and I announce an active roster each week before our Wednesday raids. Almost all new players will get a chance to work into AQ within the first 1 or 2 weeks!
  7. Lol, Forest with no shame. Sorry to see Edema go. It's been fun playing with and competing with you guys. Best of luck in the future.
  8. problazer

    How to save Anathema

    I am 2 items away from BIS AQ40 as a tank and I would gladly do this.
  9. problazer

    How to save Anathema

    In retrospect Undertanker hit the nail on the head. At the time of high population post Nostalrius more servers were warranted and the right call. The mistake was starting them as "fresh" progression servers. If the new servers would have been opened at the same patch as Nostalrius/Anathema then the population of each server could easily be controlled by allowing players to transfer, just like Blizzard. Now it is clear that the leadership of this project have no intentions to prevent Anathema and Darrowshire from slow deaths. Best case scenario they let us transfer our characters over in a year once Elysium has AQ open.
  10. I resent the idea that if we all ignore the population problem that it will fix itself. The server is now regularly below 1k players in NA prime time and the trend has been clear ever since Elysium opened. I wanted to gauge players feelings on removing or freezing AQ gear in order to merge into Elysium within the next couple of months. I think this is a small price to pay in order to not have our characters go to waste when Anathemas population drops to the point where we can't support raiding guilds.