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  1. Some issues with this poll: -How many of the people that voted on this poll actually have a lvl 60 char on anathema? -How many of the above actually raid naxxramas at all? -Number of votes is so low that 5 people can decide the results (multiple accs etc) If you see this poll as "community opinion" you are SO wrong...
  2. Knife

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    how to keep buffs on pets across continents: get pet buffed -> mount up -> relog -> get summoned to buff #2 -> dismount -> pet is buffed and ready for a new one
  3. Knife

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    well fighting a mage surely becomes more challenging now that they can actually nova or sheep a hunters pet
  4. Knife

    BIS gear - Anathema

    actually they surprisingly dont you have a typo there the sign should be "<" on horde side (you need both stat % buffs to have it be ">") no correct correct not on horde Last but not least: Badge of the Swarmguard atm is better than any other trinket for most of the boss fights...
  5. https://github.com/Hosq/ActionBarSaver dont give this man suggestions or tell him how much you love him, his ego is huge enough as is
  6. Knife

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Prestors w/ ZG buff (and no BoK): 34.5 agi = 1.725 crit 1 hit Onyxia w/ ZG buff (and no BoK) 13.8 agi = 0.69 crit 1 crit 1 hit Overall: Prestors is 0.035% crit upgrade on onyxia on horde in current patch (depending on how your stats end up rounding)
  7. Knife

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    1000g it will?
  8. Knife

    1920x1080 Issue

    IIRC you should manually add 1920x1080 resolution to your primary monitor (the laptop one, or whichever one u have set as monitor #1) in graphic card options for wow to be able to run in 1920x1080 resolution on your second monitor. For nvidia cards this is done in nvidia control panel -> display -> change resolution -> select monitor #1 -> customize -> create custom resolution -> type X and Y values and save them. For other graphic cards you might wanna google/explore for yourself. Note: your 1st monitor doesn't have to run in this 1920x1080 resolution for wow to figure out it can switch to 1920x1080 it just has to have it as an option. Hope this helps.
  9. luna shows hp for party/raid, if you have mobhealth3 it calculates it for NPC-s from damage done to them and then luna shows it too... at some guy that asked before 24h forum rollback: to save mobhealth3 data between sessions u have to go into mobhealth "slash commands" and turn it on else it wont show anything on mobs that took no damage...
  10. the run is there so when somebody wipes you on c'thun he has some quality time to read his hatewhispers in peace, and for the raid to weigh if the "friendship" with that guy is worth the run back )
  11. Knife

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    ofc im missing alot but im not the only one going "to extreme" with numbers :)
  12. Knife

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    Ebonroc fight facts: -fight duration: 60 seconds -20 second cooldown uptime (like earthstrike) = 20/60 = 33.3% (short fight = short cooldowns cover a bigger % of the fight) -over 80% of the raid usually has a ZG buff (15% all stats) because it doesn't disappear on death (changed in naxx patch) -over half the raid has onyxia/dmt buffs because they dont wipe on T2 content in T2.5 gear after a year of farming (expected lower % in a progress run id say) -dps still way below the suggested 25k -a dagger rogue (extreme example if you know white hit mechanics but still an example) in ~bis aq40 gear gains around 16% dps from loatheb buff (presuming he has no world buffs but fungal bloom from loatheb and his own consumables/raid buffs like motw/windfury/battleshout etc) -a sword rogue gains ~27% dps from fungal bloom (same thing as above) -fight involves 0 movement and nobody needs to switch target, also just like on loatheb nobody has the buff at the very start of the fight and many dont have it till quite a bit into the fight... TLDR: Wait out the PTR and if the devs still think content is too easy they can easily adjust a few numbers in the DB and hopefully this time not only melee are gonna be affected by the tuning :)
  13. Knife

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    4 tanks 12 healers in raid randomly = 24 dps slots left so lets say we need to do 25380 DPS and that the encounter starts instantly and there is no positioning then we have 25380/24 = 1057.5 dps per dps class, also if you consider the ~5.5 % dps loss from moving for ~5 seconds every 90 seconds you get that while on boss the dps needs to do over 1.1k dps each... this is ofc reduced by the healer/tank dps that is not 0 but it is also increased by running into the room, moving as a melee to get the buff etc... ofc the boss might seem easy still, and gets very easy with a few shadow protection potions but calling it a joke before the actual ptr is kinda silly... Some of them sure... not all of them and definitely not tuned to compensate for broken class mechanics in most cases