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  1. What does weapon skill actually do? A glancing blow is a normal white hit against a monster of higher level than yourself that can not crit and deals reduced damage. You will always have 40% chance to land a glancing blow against a boss, and these hits will only deal 70% of a normal hits damage. What extra weapon skill does is reduce the amount of damage lost by glancing blows. Without going into too much detail, you want to have 315 weapon skill in order to make your glancing blows deal full damage. There is no concrete information what 1 point of weapon skill does, but in order to make it easier to calculate things later on.. we simplyfy things and say 1 weapon skill increases the percentage amount of the damage done by glancing blows by 2. The 2% per weapon skill isn't totally true but if you use it as a "guide" here you will get 12*2% = 24% more dmg on 40% of your with attacks. 24% more dmg on 40% of your white attacks means ~ 10% more dmg in all of your white attacks -> ~ 10% more rage gained to use abilitys.
  2. Yoga

    Pre-Raid DPS Belt for Fury (Elysium)

    I would but realmplayers are RIP for over week now. At least it is very competitive with current gear available (only horde ofc). MC has many cleave fights and BWL has also couple making 2H fury with BRE do same or close to same overall dps than most of the dual wield warriors.
  3. Yoga

    Pre-Raid DPS Belt for Fury (Elysium)

    Depends if they are using the wrong BRE "buff" on elysium too since it gives you the buff to ignore the armor on all your enemies not adding the debuff to the mob / bpc you are attacking. All warriors i see using are having the 3 stacks up all the time.
  4. Yoga

    Pre-Raid DPS Belt for Fury (Elysium)

    i was stating that AB belt gonna last for long since is the 2nd best until zg opens unless you can get Onslaught. It's kind a small effort to grind AB honored for item that might last for months on you.
  5. Yoga

    Pre-Raid DPS Belt for Fury (Elysium)

    AB honored > Ony chain quest belt. You will be using it until Onslaught or if you are unlucky or lot's of other warriors in line before you next will be the belt of preserved heads from ZG quest. Gearing fury with current patches on elysium will be pain since fury wasn't thing until lot later in vanilla. You will do medicore dps until BWL unless you go for r13-14 stuff or get pretty much everything from MC. Imo if 2H fury playstyle suits you and you can get your hands on BRE you should try to get that. BRE 2H fury = Bis BWL geared dual wield fury (not counting r14 stuff) until AQ gear floods the market. Ofc talking about horde.
  6. Never switch to overpower if you have BT and WW coming out of CD in 1-2 secs and you have the rage to use the abilitys. It is dps loss. Overpower alert is a good addon but you will get the feel when to swap to overpower. If you just used your WW and BT and you get dodge you can swap to battlestance to overpower pretty much with any rage situation (on horde) and on ally mby if u have less than 60 rage. Exceptions ofc if u sit at 100 rage and boss is about to hit 20% etc. You will get the grip when to use it due experience but on low crit now world buffs and crap gear i would say use it almost everytime your opponent dodges (not on execute phase and situations mentioned above)
  7. On Nostalrius you couldn't have another char outside major city either so stop spreading BS. It has always been the same both characters need to be in major city. Actually Elysium made allready exeption to have both toons in goblin city and transforming gold between factions.
  8. Okey well just nice to have someone to confirm the legacylogs are indeed wrong and i wouldn't trust kronos where melee dmg is ridiculous anyways. Was just concered because it should be such a powerful trincket!
  9. Still im not sure if HoJ works as it is supposed to in this servers. Im not sure if you can trust the Legacy Logs Damage Done by ability but i never see higher proc rates there than arouns 1%. Its usually on every melee 0,9-1,3% when on Kronos melee has twice as many HoJ procs going to somewhere around 1,6-2,4% proc rate. Haven't seen single melee having 2% proc rate according to that site on our servers. I dont know if someone have tested this behaviour but with 1% procrate HoJ is garbage trincket comparing to some others when it should be around 3-5th best in the whole game.
  10. So example the firebloom that was nerfed still has 65 000 more to turned in. We all go out and farm Firebloom on cooldown and the server can get maybe 350-400 firebloom each hour 24/7. That will mean firebloom itself will take 7-8d to complete. Now that was just 1/23 missing ingredients. Repeat that on all of the mats that are on spawn and not possible to farm endlessly on dungeons and you get the idea why people seems frustrated. I farmed Dire maul east with my mage and i got 3 firebloom from 5 resets from the lashers so if you have an idea how we can get the missing 65 000 please share it.
  11. On rough average everything that isnt 100% turned in gets turned in by 3000 each day. Which will make war effort last approx 64 more days. 23 materials still needed 3000 of each of those turned in every day makes the server turn in 69 000 materials each day and we have 4 410 239 left. See you all on corecraft.
  12. You guys understand that orginal timeline was 4/2016 for AQ and most of the people who started on Nostalrius did all their preparations 1 year ago. There is no fixing their setups for AQ thats done year ago. Then we lost nost for 8 months when AQ were supposed to be ready. And now its 3,5 months after re-opening and still no sign of AQ with ridiculous war effort that many takes as a statement AQ isn't really ready. That is why population is dimishing in Anathema, many players are just bored doing only BWL and MC and they don't trust we get well scripted AQ which means no Naxx which means hop out of the project which means you just lost all your core in guild and mby 50% of the players who didnt want to quit in the beginning continue playing. 10k -> 4,5k in 3 months without AQ.
  13. Yoga

    Tanking at 60

    And tell those filthy rogues not to open with cheap shot on your target!
  14. At least the cartel came through: Rugged Leather war effort is done.