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  1. Kech

    Ledger from Tanaris

    Hi. I can't complete the quest Ledger from Tanaris (https://classicdb.ch/?quest=4450), i have all the required items but the NPC don't give the possibility to validate it. I have tried to delete WDB files and retry but not working. Open ticket on bugtracker?
  2. Kech

    Metzen not working again for me

    Solved for me, i have already try to delete, all items before accepting the quest again. I just go in Searing George and found second Metzen and the quest working.
  3. Kech

    Metzen not working again for me

    Hi! I have abandoned the quest, deleted my WDB folder and done it again but same problem :(. I have tried with french and english client but it's not working for me 😫
  4. Hi! I can't complete the quest with Metzen the Reinder, i can't validate it in Ironforge. This is normal? Thanks!