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  1. Just looking for a list of essential quality of life addons so that I have a less stressful leveling and general gameplay experience. Any quick help would be appreciated!
  2. You think you can do anything but maybe pvp as shadow then think again. Shadow dots are completely unviable for raids
  3. chirven

    Profession question

    Engineering is good all round but some ppl go LW or alch so they can make money at endgame
  4. Definately pick Elysium pvp imo since it hasnt progressed much in content yet. Class is preference but I would go off feel instead of game mechanics - just make sure you understand what your class can do at endgame (some classes can only heal like priest as an example). Alexsensual has a video series on every class at endgame and although there is some inaccuracy, the general message is right.
  5. chirven

    Hunter raid video?

    Want to see some raid gameplay of hunter at endgame on Elysium. If any lvl 60 hunter here has one or can link one that would be great and would probably be useful for more people besides me. Just want to get a feel for endgame.
  6. I don't know a full answer, but why can you just use the same account for both?
  7. chirven

    The Best Forum Game Ever

    Replies going so fast nobody will notice that I'm gay
  8. chirven

    Barber Shop!

    I would hate to have a custom barber but I way to change appearance through the website control panel that is restricted by time or something might be good.
  9. When more than half of the community wants fresh? Sounds like a mistake to me.