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  1. Ghostly

    What's going on with the connection issues?

    I'm well aware it may have crashed now, but if you read my post this was happening prior but only I was getting dc'd among my party, as if it was a regional thing. Would be nice to know why.
  2. I'm from the west coast (US), everyone else in my group is fine... no latency issues, I keep having dc's and ms/lag problems but my internet works 100%, my girlfriend is playing on another MMO with no MS/Latency issues, clearly can't be my internet, what gives? When this happens I get stuck on authenticating when trying to reconnect to the game.
  3. Ghostly

    Why people want fresh so much?

    It's not really an accomplishment because as you said, no-lifers. If people really want to fight for Rank 1's and competition then the raids should be locked and opened when all guilds can go in at the same time and see who is more effective in the raids. All you're doing is comparing who has no life and can sit on the PC for 2 weeks while being supported by their parents most likely vs. those who do not have a guild of 40 loafers. As far as we know the first MC guild could take 2x longer to clear than the next guild entering, do they really deserve rank 1 status? I would disagree even if the one who did clear it was the best guild because chances are there was no competition. This is like the RuneScape hiscores, if you live in your mommy's basement you'll probably be at the top of the XP gains due to your lack of real world obligations.
  4. Ghostly

    Why people want fresh so much?

    I can pretty much Echo this, in addition that I've been away from Vanilla private servers for many years and with the choice, I would prefer to start from ground zero than the 100th floor with a group of my friends. Another thing is knowing the server life will be bright for at least 2-3 years where the old server will become average with Naxx out and on farm eventually for guilds.
  5. At the end of the day each person is responsible for their own account security. If they have to restore stuff every time someone gets hacked then players will only be more relaxed about the matter and it will create a bigger problem for them to handle. Secondly restoring stuff allows for easy abuse, it's as simple as me taking my friends 20,000 gold. Selling it to a gold farmer only to have his gold restored after the gold was probably already resold, as you can see it creates a problem. By stating that you didn't use the same password anywhere else, you're either implying that Nost/Elysium was hacked or it wasn't your fault I'm assuming? If it was Nost/Elysium's fault, they should indeed restore it but I highly doubt they would lie about such matters. Reasons people get hacked are usually quite simple. 1) They use the same email for every server, meaning if their email is compromised their other accounts can be. 2) They used the same password and name 3) They had an extremely simple password 4) They got a keylogger from a bad AddOn, Skype link, etc. The list goes on... but ultimately it is your responsibility. Sorry to hear you lost 1000 gold, that definitely calls for a bad day especially during the Holidays. Best of luck.
  6. Ghostly

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    Yes that's true, stuff does die quick from a couple hits with ambush/backstab but then your also dealing with stealth/slowing between kills, having to use extra energy just to backstab and daggers are hard to come by when leveling in addition. It just seems to make more sense to combat spec your way up, everything dies quick and doesn't rely on RNG crits to be very effective, no stealth spam after every kill, can AoE 2 mobs every 2 minutes etc.
  7. Ghostly

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    Check out Oto's rogue guide, it's very detailed and will likely teach you a lot of new things. https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=5412&start=0
  8. I'm guessing I know the problem then. After getting the quest you use an item to shoot off two flares than /salute the guy outside the tower to update and grab a new quest. that is likely where your quest is if you abandoned it. How to get that quest item to shoot off the flares I'm not sure, you'll probably just need another rogue who is on the quest to make the NPC flag friendly to get the quest back, or use the whistle thing you get. Good luck.
  9. Ghostly

    Pre-Raid BiS For Rogues on Elysium PvP (patch 1.2)

    Those times you relied on the skilled RNG stun to proc on a resto druid so you could kill them in Arena... @Knife, the mask has 2% hit and 1% crit, 12 stam eye of rent has 7 stam, 13 str, and 2% crit.
  10. Ghostly

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    Combat Swords is clearly the better choice for leveling. You receive 5% hit chance from talent, swords are easier to come by than daggers, you'll want to use a +1-5 damage enchant on your main hand to buff your sinister strike, don't bother with an off-hand enchant since 15 agility is so expensive and not really worth it for leveling unless you have tons of money. You could always put a cheaper option like fiery weapon on your off-hand. Subtlety is more of a PvP spec, it has lots of cooldowns and control but the damage is weak compared to Combat. Assassination I'm guessing is decent but it also lacks cooldowns and probably isn't as good as Swords although I've never tested the difference. One thing with poisons is the lack of spell hit, so you'll likely resist/lose out on your talent point gains on higher level mobs where combat is mostly damage from white hits and you get some hit rating from the talents. Good luck.
  11. Well sure, but to make any significant money your channel would have to become big and by doing so you'll quickly become noticed, so it seems you're just wasting a lot of time uploading and everything. About every 100k views is $100 in advertising roughly.
  12. Correction, I don't care about the word Toxic... perhaps it was a very poor choice of word to put in the title. I was referring to the racist as toxic however... something that is already against the rules. It only seems to be you that cares about the word Toxic. Yep I did, and if you ever want to debate me on your terrible views on the world let me know, i'll grab my tear mug. Edit: No worries I've requested to change the title and remove the word "Toxic", it appears to be a very sensitive word for some people.