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  1. Today I learned that 7/9 is the same as 9/9
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    Again, not on topic, as per usual.
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    The issue with the video Duki linked, is that sure, JotC stacked to 2, when there was a documented visual bug with the judgements stacking. In this 40 paladin raid, yes 40 paladins, if they knew JotC should stack, then so should light, wis, and the rest, except the ONLY judgement you see glance up twice, is JotC, which has a documented visual bug from patch 1.8. You can take general logic, no stretch, and think that a raid full of 40 paladins, and judgements stacking, that someone, somewhere, would have put up a second wisdom, or light. But no, you have a 2nd JotC, and a known documented visual bug for it. It's not rocket science, it's common sense. Which is severely lacking in the Paladin circlejerk.
  4. If you look at the rosters for the guilds that are 9/9 AQ, which is a strong indicator that those guilds will likely be the ones to see a full clear of Naxx, there is no Ret Paladin, or Prot Paladin, on any of their main raider rosters. Back in retail Vanilla? Sure I'm sure there were some guilds that eventually cleared AQ and dabbled in Naxx that had a ret, but you won't find any retail guilds that cleared naxx, or any guilds on Elysium that are 9/9 and at the tip of progression, that have a ret. It's all Holy paladins. And there's a reason for that. If people would stop being so thick, they could see the strengths of the class for what they are, and that's healing. Rets do nowhere near 90% of the damage of a warrior, same consumables same skill level, or a rogue.
  5. Really, and truly, if you want to clear end game, and see 9/9 AQ, and then venture into Naxx and actually be in a guild good enough to clear the raid. Go Holy.
  6. I didn't say paladins were THE best healers, I said healing is their best spec, their strongest spec to contribute to a raid. But some guilds don't mind bringing a ret, which is fine, but you won't see a top tier guild that pushes progression and min maxing their raid bring a ret paladin.
  7. Yeah, top performing guilds are 9/9, AQ's been out a month now ....
  8. top performing guild One of these things is not like the other.
  9. But people in raids have a Job to do or else the raid doesn't work, does it? Paladins are best at healing, so that's the role they do in top tier guilds that will clear the content. Thus, making a pally's job in a raid to heal.
  10. Just do your job, go Holy, get loots, raid and see content.
  11. There's also a neutral AH in Tanaris, linked to the one on Booty Bay
  12. Trying to invalidate others, does not validate yourself.
  13. Theoloras, I'll try to say this as honestly, and as non negatively as I can. I am not a Crestfall person, nor do I have any input or knowledge of anything that goes on there. I do not care about holy resistance or how it should work at all. Granted there is a resist coefficient for every other spell type in the game, but I don't know if Holy was ever thought of to implement, as I can't see them implementing holy resistance, but not making the drakenoids in BWL not have a holy vulnerability, if they indeed made holy a spell damage with its own coefficient. To that point, in my opinion, without doing any research, which I haven't, I honestly don't care, as it brings no value to this topic of conversation. It's like saying someone that robbed a bank, would never do something nice for someone, or something to that extent. On the topic of the multiple stack judgement, there is no evidence that it did indeed stack, or that it should stack, other than a forum post from a person saying he saw it stay, and then two posts later saying they changed it to where it didn't. But using Debuff logic, and compared to every other debuff mechanic in the game, you can not stack multiple ranks of a debuff on a target. Debuffs like CoE, CoR, CoS, Winters Chill, and several others that would be working in the same way, if it was intended. But, my issue is how Duki is going about his argument, he's not validating his argument at all, and by trying to invalidate another argument about a completely different topic, just goes to devalue anything he says at all. If there's a passion about this tpoic, which there seems to be in abundance, then go, do the research, and PROVE your argument as valid, rather than trying to invalidate others, validate yourself.
  14. They are referencing the source code of the addons that would take mechanics into account as to why they functioned the way they do in a situation, so an addon codded for vanilla, would use the original blizzard mechanics to function, making them able to reverse engineer the addon to figure out the blizzlike function. But you're just showing how ignorant you really are by continuing to argue a point which holds no water.
  15. Oh, the post 2 posts under the one you keep linking as evidence, is even the same fking person that said they did stack, so he's going back on his initial statement. I can't wrap my head around your though process. But @hudson is right, you really really need to be more objective about bugs in the game. Especially those regarding the pally class.