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  1. Tydjet

    What is this addon

  2. Tydjet

    What is this addon

    Hello, Somebody can tell me what is the addon used by this priest to show debuff (whith icone and timer) on the right down side of his UI? Thx
  3. Tydjet

    Show buff on enemy players

    There is no way at all to see buffs already launch on a player? Like benediction of fortitude from priest, every benediction from paladin, arcane intelligence from mage, etc...?
  4. Tydjet


    Hello, there is a way to see the enemy players's buff under their unitframe that looklikes the original design? like this but for the enemy players
  5. Tydjet

    Show buff on enemy players

    Hello, it doesnt work at all. Nothing special happens. I have a !EB folder and and !EB addon on the game, but when i tagret an enemy player, i see nothing. I try to uncheck all my addon expect this one and nothing happens to. Try on druid and a priest. 2 classes with a lot a self buff.
  6. Tydjet

    Show buff on enemy players

    i see you're the autor of the addon. Can you put a screenshot online to see how it works please? Cant log in right now.
  7. Hello, Im looking for an addon showing curent buff on my enemy player target. Id'like to show what i can dispel (offensive dispel). If possible id'like to keep the Blizzard ui format under the target unit frame. Im using modui et UnitframeImproved and i dl'ike to keep that way. I know antagnist do the job, but i dont like the way it's doing. Just like enemynaturecastbar. thanks
  8. Hello, Im looking for a way to launch spells on mouesover the target. Not mouseover the uniframe. Some addon like Classic mouseover allow to create macro and launch spells when you mouseover the uniframe. But it is not my goal. Id like to be able to launch a dispell for fear/sheep on my team mates without untargeting my enemis. If possible mouseover the player, the caracter, not the uniframe. It is even possible in Wow vanilla? Thanks
  9. Tydjet

    looking for addon and tips for priest

    Up, I like the baseline Blizzard UI and dont want to change a lot, just improve it. (not xperl or big luaframe addon or something like that) Im looking for an addon for: show the buff on my target that i can dispell (offensiv dispell). Show the debuff on the raid/party frame that i can dispell (defensiv dispell). I can change the frame for that, but i dont want change the frame for player and target. Launch a heal or dispell without untargeting my current target (mouseover on the frame or the caracter) Thanks
  10. Hello, Im leveling a priest and im looking for an addon that i can easily use for healing in dongeon without select my target. And im looking for a way to make macro or use another addon to make a "mouseover" action, like a dispell for exemple. Its for pvp. dispell on a mouseover should be great. Thanks
  11. Hi, I cant' login to the Anathema server. It stays on the "connected" popup and nothing happens. But i can log on the other servers. I deleted my WTF folder to test and try with another instance of the game. The issue is the same. Can you help me? Thanks
  12. Tydjet

    Priest Leveling Guide

    Post it ! :) A question about Spirit Tap: this skill is working with a group kill? When i'm in a group, I feel that i have to make the fatal hit to be buffed.
  13. Tydjet

    Intersever Battleground

    We never know xD Between the 4 servers we have 20-25k players. So if in the futur they can works on it. We'll always have a battleground to go.
  14. If you could do that it works... It will be awsome....