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  1. OMG you're my hero! Not much of a programmer but i do understand it to some extent. LUA felt a bit strange to me and i got super frustrated when all i got was "interface\icons\" and the spell name. Thanks!
  2. Been at it now soooooo long that it's driving me crazy. According to the API you should be able to retrieve the value of debuffType (which could be "Magic, Disease, Poison, Curse, or nothing for those with out a type") but i can't get it to work no matter what i do. >.< I am trying to write a script that checks what type of debuff i have on me. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Ok, i couldn't get DoOrder() to work but i wrote this little piece of code that seems to do the job with the added bonus that you also can buff friendlies with PW:F. Take note that this code do require SuperMacro to function. /run b=buffed;c=cast;b1="Power Word: Fortitude";b2="Inner Fire";b3="Touch of Weakness";if not b(b1) then c(b1);else if not b(b2) then c(b2);else if not b(b3) then c(b3);end;end;end; SuperMacro seems a bit tricky since there are no instructions anywhere and when i first ran the code it didn't work for some reason. Now it does so go figure? EDIT: Need to rethink this one. I was able to buff a few friendlies but now it has stopped working again for some reason? Can only buff myself. :/ EDIT 2: Ok, it works on friendlies if i am myself not buffed with PW:F, but not if i have it on me. So the script only checks my active buffs apparently. EDIT 3 (final?): So finally got it to work with a UnitIsFriend() check: /run b=buffed;c=cast;s1="Power Word: Fortitude";s2="Inner Fire";s3="Touch of Weakness";if UnitIsFriend("player","target") then c(s1);else if not b(s1) then c(s1);else if not b(s2) then c(s2);else if not b(s3) then c(s3);end;end;end;end;
  4. As a priest i wanted to cast my buffs in the easiest possible way, hope fully with only one button. I read about the castSequence() function which apparently was introduced in BC (?) where you can set up a sequence of spells you want to cast and the press the same key over and over. Would this be possible? EDIT: With SuperMacro i managed to code a piece that works: /run b=buffed;c=cast;s1="Power Word: Fortitude";s2="Inner Fire";s3="Touch of Weakness";if UnitIsFriend("player","target") then c(s1);else if not b(s1) then c(s1);else if not b(s2) then c(s2);else if not b(s3) then c(s3);end;end;end;end;
  5. Yeah, take your money and run. Blizzard doing a legacy server... HA!
  6. hdnine

    Account Hacked

    I was hacked too and the messed up thing is that i can't change my password or activate 2-step verification because no mails are getting through.
  7. hdnine

    Account Hacked overnight

    I lost all my gold during the night too. Did your character appear where you left him/her when you logged on? I was in the same spot (i think?) but i had all of a sudden lost 2-3G. If the account was hacked, they would have needed to go to a mailbox to transfer the money right?
  8. hdnine

    Account Hacked overnight

    This right here is messed up. I've tried to get the 2-factoring authentication mail to be sent to me for a couple of days now. Nothing in the spam filter, nothing in my inbox. So the won't take responsibility for lost gold but they won't either take responsibility for their system not working as intended with proper security. I can't even change my password. >.<
  9. The last thing i did last night before going to bed was to do a Stockades run. That alone would have netted me a few silver right? I remember having somewhere between 2-3 G yesterday and today i only have 81 copper to my name so I can only assume that i have been "hacked". Now, i have tried to activate the IP-lock twice now but no mail is arriving and there is nothing in my spam folder. I have no proof of the amount i had and i know you people won't do anything about it, but can i at least get that damn mail? As i see it, you devs are directly responsible for the loss since i never receive any mail to enable this thing. Right now i am in a situation where i cannot travel anywhere and costs for abilites, profession upgrades and so on is all on hold. EDIT 1: When thinking about it more closely, this seems more like a system error than a hack and i'll explain why. If someone would log into my account, in order to transfer money they would have to first go to a mailbox to send it right? And in order to not raise suspicion they would maybe take a snapshot of my current location, go to the mailbox, send the money and then return. But this would be stupid since i noticed the money missing anyway. I looks more and more like a system problem where ppl are randomly losing their money.
  10. I'm a veteran MMO player and have been playing them since back in 2003 and the way i have been thought is that, when in a group, you only need items that your present character can use as armor or weapons. This means no needing for alt characters or professions. So yesterday I was in a group questing in an area full of elites where suddenly an uncommon item dropped. Since i'm an enchanter i felt that i really needed this item, even though my character couldn't wear it. I realize this goes against what i've been thought but enchanting in WoW is such a pain. After winning the need roll against another player, that other one asked why i needed that item. I explained to him for my profession. After a lot of name calling and referring to "common sense" by both him and the rest of the group, i was subsequently kicked out. Now, this poll isn't about if i made the right judgement call -- but more a general question about the topic of NEED vs GREED and your thoughts about it.
  11. hdnine

    Disconnected + Auth stuck

    Dang it... finally got in after 2 hours of disconnects. Number 680 in queue which is not bad. Good luck guys!
  12. hdnine

    Disconnected + Auth stuck

    Then you are one of the lucky ones who actually can get in and play. I spend more time trying to get in than actually playing which makes me furious. >.<
  13. hdnine

    Disconnected + Auth stuck

    2 hours later and still can't get beyond the authentication part even though they claimed to had fixed it. I mean, you people have done a great job and all but this fucking sucks. If it's not the queues, then it's this. PLEASE FIX THE LOG IN! :(
  14. Call it donations, i don't care. I'm willing to donate 10 EUR a month if i can get in and play whenever i want.
  15. Well, the costs would of course go directly towards keeping the servers running. Aren't they asking for contributions now anyways?