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    Cat/caster hybrid DPS

    Ye, I found a link right after posting this. No need to answer! Thanks though.
  2. pingaan

    Cat/caster hybrid DPS

    Hey, I've been surfing the interwebz for a while now, but I can't find anything to confirm my question. I feel a bear as off tank is nice to have around, because of rebirth and innervate, but for the encounters where only tanks are needed that person would go cat. From what I can read cat DPS is a waste of a spot, in general, but using some sort of hybrid DPS specc is not mentioned anywhere. A friend of mine spoke of this a few weeks ago, as a suggestion to what that bear would do when not tanking. Sorry, but I've never played druid myself, so I might be a bit out of shape on the abilities. DPS: 1. Starting in cat form, using up the most energy consuming dmg abilities to get the most dmg outcome. 2. Shift to caster form and cast wrath + moonfire, or what ever is suited to fit the time it takes for the energy bar to be fill up. 3. Jump back into cat form and repeat. This would of course be very mana consuming, which would mean popping mana pots and runes on CD. If this were to be viable DPS this would mean some sort of hybrid gear similar to the Warlord/Marshal set, right? Has anyone here tried this out?
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  4. Updated progress and recruitment status.
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    [Horde] Elysium PVP Server - Guild Master List

    Recipe for Hate is no more. You may remove the guild.