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  1. suhail1200

    Nighthaven: 3 months after launch

    Wasnt expecting warrior numbers to be sooo high.Literally close to 30% are warriors lol? Also paladins 2nd most played character on the server(I know its only 1 side still tho , double of shamans).Crazy
  2. suhail1200

    Leveling after 1.4

    It must be a different set of players playing on Elysium , even Nostalrius didn't have this much drama lol most people enjoyed it. U know when the PvP patch was , u know when the BG patch is gonna be so why not choose a suitable class to your standards.If u hate getting ganked then choose a druid/rogue lol.
  3. suhail1200

    Leveling after 1.4

    Should have been a stealth class then?U knew this was coming rofl
  4. suhail1200

    [H] LF Norwegian social/levling guild

    Should join alliance.Alliance has alot of non English guilds compared with horde.
  5. suhail1200

    [H] - NA - Looking for Raiding Guild

    U have put all this detail but u haven't said the most important thing-what class u play and what level are u in nightsraven lol
  6. suhail1200

    No Honor for Honorable Kills

    WoW should have disabled that u cant engage in world PvP against grey people.But still tho , it's a PvP server and in any other mmorpgs it is the same thing. The only difference is that their is only 1 way of getting XP which is questing hence killing mobs...Other games have alternative ways like u could dungeon farm to cap/Powerleveling/Some sort of PVP where u get XP / Buy Experience gems etc...which WoW doesn't have. It's still not that bad here, in Nostalrius PvP server that was really bad.Every second u bump in to an enemy and u don't know if they will attack u or ignore u. If u don't like world PvP then play a stealth class or a class which can heal.After reaching it to cap then create another char which u wanna and have the 1st char on follow then u won't get attacked.
  7. suhail1200

    Feral druid feeling very weak in 50s.

    With str u just increase base damage nothing more , if u wanna increase base dmg it is better to go for items with +attack power. In bear form in pvp or leveling u only use it for the dmg mitigation/feral charge and frenzy regen nothing more.The dmg in bear form gets better when u get pvp gear but on nightshaven we dont have that yet. For agi its around 20 points per dodge and 60 for crit.Like the gnomergen quest which gives pants with +18 agi are nice. In cat form u want as much crit as possible that is your primary concern due to blood frenzy talent.U only have 12% dodge because generally u will have 5% base dodge + 4% from talents+1% from racial=10% where agi didnt play a big part. For example if u compare 5% crit chance to 10% it wont be a big difference in leveling.But if u compare 20% to 25% then that is big.U have 5% base crit chance+9% from talents+elemental sharp stone 2%+agi elixer(2%crit+25agi=just say 3%)=Around 19% crit chance , provided u dont have no crit gear or no agi.If u have a decent amount of agi+crit gear u can increase your crit chance and hit 25%+.If u hit this threshold then u will see alot of crits(2x dmg) which i like rather than a small base increase in dmg with hardly any crit.
  8. suhail1200

    Faction balance? Advise a new player.

    Its around a 52% horde and 48% ally balance but it always seems like their is more of horde.Alliance always gets ganked where ever u go , they kill quest givers and seems to be more population.U can see from chat that their is more guilds on horde compared with ally too. I would say its alot harder as alliance. For characters , always tanks are needed heavily.Followed by healers.Too many melee dps because everybody plays rogues/warriors.Ranged dps is needed too like mages/locks.
  9. suhail1200

    Feral druid feeling very weak in 50s.

    It depends what mobs u killing.Never the less it seems like your agility seems very low.Cat form is built on agility and heart of the wild increase your str by 20%.You should have sta+agi on all sets of your gear in order to do good.If u have those 2 stats then u can look out for str followed by int. Reason why i say this is agi gives dodge/crit chance as well as 1ap.Str just give 2ap per stat so u only add str if u want ap/dmg.If u want ap/dmg u are better off getting gear which gives raw +20 attack power etc.. like hoj then.Str has little value for all melee classes even warrior.U are better off with agility as primary with sta. Even tho if u talent heart of the wild for 20% inc in sta/str/int , your agi should be the highest stat with sta.But atm it is the lowest so i suggest u to increase it XD.
  10. suhail1200

    Staff of the Shade price?

    It's 22 level with shadow dmg.Probably good for a twink 20-29 but don't think any twink would want to be lock lol.Probably 10g?I would say 5-15g is the range.
  11. suhail1200

    Power Word: Shield

    Yes , having +healing or +magical dmg+healing gear affects power word shield but the coefficient is very low , it's like 30% or something. So even having 500 healing , it will increase it by like 200 lol.
  12. suhail1200

    Lvl 43 using reckoning

    No problem , have fun!
  13. suhail1200

    Lvl 43 using reckoning

    If u do /sit 5 times u get 5 stacks(maximum u can get) of reckoning so the next swing u do will be 5 swings.I dont see how that can increase your leveling speed XD.Sitting down 5 times is annoying and especially if u facing a mob which does magic dmg or his swings are sloooow. I think they meant , Judge of crusader--->/sit 5 times to proc 5x reckoning---->seal of command and then hit the mob.Cuz seal of command can be procced on each of the 5 reckoning hits.Either way its good for pvp but definitely not worth it in leveling.Either full ret or the prot aoe spec is best.
  14. suhail1200

    Disc for pvp and pve?

    Yes their is , in raids u need around 1-2 disc priests for the spirit/disc buffs.As well as this if u have high spellpower/magical dmg gear disc/holy outshines shadow. https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#bxMGshqqo0Eth This is the spec i would go for PvP disc , u could change some talents to optimize it more pve orientated by taking the threat spell and changing blessed recovery for inspiration.Also depends if u are ally or horde.Ally have pala buffs which reduce threat.
  15. suhail1200

    Mindflay & Shadow pain tick. SHADOW WEAVE

    Yes each tick of devour plague/shadow word pain / shadowguard / mindflay should apply the shadow weave debuff increasing it by 1.Havent tested on nightshaven but if it doesnt then report it must be a bug.