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  1. DeconstruKt

    World PvP

    That's how this game is suppose to be played, but it's 2018 and people rush to 60 for endgame and epix
  2. From what I can remember Warriors ALWAYS countered the crap out of rogues in vanilla/TBC. Maybe it just depends on the skill of the player
  3. DeconstruKt

    Dealing with warlocks 1v1?

    roll undead
  4. DeconstruKt

    Most played class?

    Is there numbers for the amount of classes on Elysium PVP? I want to roll a character for PVP.. but just by casually being on the server for a few hours, I've seen TONS of Rogues/Mages/Hunters. But it appears like I see Rogues more than any other class when I /who every zone, were they always this popular? Druids/Warlocks look like the least played.. Paladins are pretty low on alliance side too.
  5. DeconstruKt

    Fix bugged pet names.

    bug still exists today as of May 9th 2017.
  6. That's not death metal.
  7. DeconstruKt

    Stealth Rank 1

    Same thing with Feral with 5/5 stealth. Any stealth near the front of the enemy will agro, sneak up behind and its effective
  8. DeconstruKt

    why are hunter pets so garbage

    you sound butthurt bro wahhh
  9. DeconstruKt

    why are hunter pets so garbage

    Stop raging nerd
  10. Is it even worth playing the next few days? Massive honor bug.. I'm a Knight-Captain at lvl 5 and people are getting free PVP gear. This seeems pretty gamebreaking.. at the same time is it even worth leveling an alt/playing a main due to a potential roll back?
  11. DeconstruKt

    Tauren druid or undead warlock?

    Both level pretty easily imo. Feral can be a breeze and you don't depend an insane amount of gear, just be prepared to shapeshift.. you can't sit in cat 24/7. as for Locks.. they start off slow but get better as you progress, can easily take on multiple mobs.
  12. DeconstruKt

    Need advice on solo pve build

    I have the same build pretty much, except instead of brutal impact i have 1 point in Primal Fury So far for leveling (i'm 40) it's been a breeze, anytime I've been close to death healing -> bearform has saved me hundreds of times. The stealth via Feral Instinct is important for leveling imo, despite having 5 points in that sometimes mobs WILL detect me (Despite me being higher level) if i get somewhat close to them while trying to open from behind, I can't imagine stealth without these 5 points.
  13. DeconstruKt

    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    I'm kind of new to vanilla Feral... but why take improved wrath as feral? I rarely cast that spell as it is currently while leveling, will I be using it a lot at 60?
  14. DeconstruKt

    State of Elysium — Emergency Maintenance

    The irony is insane. You attacked my opinion first because I mentioned the GMs did not have time, but 7 hours was easy to make up.
  15. DeconstruKt

    State of Elysium — Emergency Maintenance

    Which is what many of us have told him already. but he continues to complain about "time" ignoring the amount of time the GMs would need, then accused me of having a narrow perspective, you can't make that irony up. Some people, you just can't reason with em.