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  1. Ubglub

    Hunter leveling BiS weapons

    When leveling a hunter, what are the best weapons to grab as im grinding up in the ranks, and are are there any other must have pieces of gear that i dont know about? im still stuck with a crappy bow and cant find anything new, pls help me out friends.
  2. Ubglub

    Raiding Time Sink

    So im having a fun time leveling on vanilla and have plans to run MC, onyxia, and MAYBE BWL in the future, but im wondering just how many hours a day is that going to cost me to raid MC, im not super serious or hardcore about it cause i still have college and but i can still spare hours to raid, does anybody have an estimate of what that time sink will be?
  3. Thank you for the help, but the issue persists, when i replace the config folder the game still gives me a disconnect, and when i go back into the files, it had created a new config folder that has the original text in it and the one that was changed is just a text file that does nothing, i am not sure what to do,
  4. i am trying to get on to play but i cant even get in the the realm select screen, when i start the login screen up there is no indicator at the bottom left saying what server i am connected to, and if i put in anything into the username and password it instantly says server disconnected, the realmlist.wtf folder is set correctly, some people say that you have to change the config.wtf folder but it creates a new one whenever i do. i used the regular toorent on the elysium site with winzip and utorrent, im at a loss for what to do, please help me out.