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  1. According to the pre-bis list that started this topic, the hammer isn't even listed, so I'd like to know this as well. I already have the Stormstrike Hammer as OH and was thinking of buying the Lobotomizer as I have the rep. Do you think it's a waste of gold to buy the Lobotomizer when I have the Stormstrike Hammer? I'm human.
  2. Ragingducks

    server crashes and bgs

    Rather than rewarding players for server issues, I'd much rather focus on resolving crashes altogether.
  3. Ragingducks

    Timbermaw Rep question

    How useful is the trinket?
  4. Ragingducks

    Is it too late to start?

    It's patch 1.6. Elysium is going to be a well populated server for a long time.
  5. Ragingducks

    Patch 1.7 announcement

    If the delay is minor, I'm all for it. What's everyone's rush to finish Vanilla content? Maybe I'm far too casual for most, but I really want to have the Vanilla experience to last. Once everyone's finished with the content, what are you going to do?
  6. Honor reset is on Wednesday. I think he means Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  7. Ragingducks

    Unused Names for ALT's

    Use your brain and you might be surprised.
  8. Ragingducks

    auctioneer alternative?

    I used Auctioneer until the day I reluctantly decided to give Aux a go. I never looked back.
  9. Ragingducks

    Fury Tanking Viability

    In the cookie-cutter fury spec?
  10. Ragingducks

    Unable to Connect For 6 Months

    Got a wireless card on the PC? Use your mobile phone as a hotspot and try it that way, otherwise it's hard to help you any further.
  11. Ragingducks

    Unable to Connect For 6 Months

    Try connecting from a different network.
  12. Ragingducks

    Unable to Connect For 6 Months

    Was this on an additional hard-drive? It's still the same OS? This seems to be more network related than anything anyway.
  13. Ragingducks

    Frequent server crashes.

    I thought the crashes recently were due to the changes made and which had to be reverted - and not because Elysium was overcrowded.
  14. Ragingducks

    Defeatist attitude in PvP

    The ranking system in Vanilla is so hardcore that people have to PVP far too much, resulting in burnout. The enjoyment of PVPing quickly disappears and it simply becomes a chore where losing fast makes the time you spend more valuable than tryharding. Blame the game, not the players.