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    Horde Armorsmith LFW

    Fast & friendly, thx!
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    Server Cap or Merge Servers

    This is indeed the sad reality, people really just gave up on the realm it feels. You could see it coming from miles away that the summer was going to kill the last bit of EU/ NA community that was left. People just dissapeared, they had enough of this crap. There's like what, 5 EU/ NA guilds left on Alliance side who actively raid, if even. There's nothing going on, channels empty, no world PvP, I literally run around Silithus looking for horde to world PvP but guess what THERE'S NOBODY THERE unless it's China primetime and even then you really have to walk miles to find people, it's sad how the Elysium team is still being too stubborn to admit that Anathema needs help. Perhaps they feel like having a china-only server is great and that's why they're letting the NA/ EU population die out, that's really the only reasoning I can think of. Anathema is a closed book. It's been quite a few years that I've pumped time into my characters, quite a sad ending. Really don't understand how the team let it come this far, unless of course the previously stated reasoning is a thing. I'm not going to re-roll to Elysium either, it's pointless if you see how they handled the population problems on Ana. (aka do nothing and watch how the community dies out and just be kinda MEH) All in all I'm gratefull about the opportunity Elysium gave us, and we got to play our old characters again, it's just very sad that it ends on a sour note, in a way that it really feels like you simply stopped caring about Anathema. And if any staff reads this at all, Naxx is not going to bring EU/NA population back, it's WAY too late, as mentioned before I still don't understand how you didn't try anything drastic earlier to keep people playing on your servers. Sorry for QQ, thanks for reading.
  3. Pindakaas

    matur black dragon sinew

  4. from the UK sound like a nasal speaking, depressed manlet with a napoleon complex ? anyone know ?
  5. So just found this post; https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/49560-addressing-rumors-regarding-possible-anathema-elysium-merge/ GG. With all due respect, this post is full of bs really, I'm not gonna put too much effort into this any more, if you still can't realise Anathema is dying a slow and agonizing death (at least the NA/ EU community) then I'm quite sure that you either simply do not care about Anathema any more or nobody in the team actually plays the server at all. "any speculation and memes about it's supposed death will only damage the realm and its dedicated community and thus, we will no longer tolerate these sort of posts or messages on our official platforms" This is a very cheap way of avoiding the discussion, the players see the problems, how come you don't? It looks like you don't want to see them. I can ASSURE you there's more people looking out for a possible merge in the future than for Naxxramas. As stated in my previous post, the NA/ EU community is crumbling and has been for a while now. If you really want to make the server more enjoyable and attractive, you'll make a merge happen, there's no other solution really. It blows my mind that you're unable to see that and even go as far as saying a merge is not going to happen ever. It may all seem quite negative what im dropping out here, but I'm just a worried player who truely appreciates what the team has accomplished so far, and just trying to raise some awareness about the issues of Anathema right now. It may be healthy during China hours but not NA/ EU, there's no way around that, there's no discussing it. You can act now and try to stop the ship from sinking and stop a lot of players from quitting the game/ server. Which WILL help your project in general, not just Anathema. Thanks for reading, and sorry for the mistakes I most likely have written down here, I'm quite tired and English is not my mother tongue.
  6. Saying Anathema is in a "okay" state right now is ridiculous, the NA/ EU community will more than likely have died (if it hasn't already?) by the end of the summer without any OFFICIAL announcements of a possible merge with Elysium. Naxx won't save Anathema. The only thing that's left to do is wait for Elysium to catch up in the timeline and merge. The other option would be to let the NA/ EU community on Anathema die out, basically forcing them to either reroll to Elysium or quit the game. I think it's quite obvious what the right decision would be. And don't get at me with the "ANATHEMA IS JUST FINE" bullcrap, /trade is empty, /world is empty, even the AH is drying out, there's OBVIOUSLY no fresh players joining any more and the PvP scene died a few months ago (there's 1 WSG up right now), guilds are crumbling and players are quitting left and right. I'm not claiming it's unplayable as an NA/ EU player but it doesn't take an oracle to tell you we're running into a dead end. Sorry for the negativity, but I really feel like it should be adressed by the team in proper fashion what the future plans are with Anathema. If there's no merge to look out for, in due time of course - I don't think pushing patches on Elysium is fair to their community - people are going to keep raidlogging or just straight up dissapearing.
  7. There's QQ because this messed up war effort has/ had a huge impact on the server and the population it carries. The WE numbers we started off with were pulled out of someone's ass, and it doesn't surprise me that people are starting to think there's reasoning behind it, as in delaying AQ or whatever. The war effort numbers should have been the same like retail, there's no proper reason to make something as dull as the war effort more "challenging", of course that is easily said in hindsight. Would just like to remind you this is just 1 of the many issues the server's still facing. Bugs are being fixed VERY slowly. I don't know what server you play or how everything is going on Elysium, but just to give you an example for Anathema, the root/ fear disconnect bug was in-game for a ridiculously long time and was exploited by many. This should have been prioritized, but it wasn't. Feels to me that the team is struggling with prioritizing the right things. I don't mean to shitpost, I'm thankfull for everything the team is doing and is giving to us, but these things worry me.
  8. Pindakaas

    BM DPS in dungeons?

    You guys are completely missing what OP asked for, he wanted to know what kind of pet would be best to use whilst leveling + doing dungeons. If I'm reading your posts correctly you're talking about level 60 pets and dungeons. I prefer Broken Tooth by MILES over any other pet for leveling. The only pets I would consider at all for leveling are cats and raptors. Furious Howl isn't worth it, and you don't need pets with more armor/ HP because you simply should never have trouble keeping your pet alive. (Considering how pet HP regens too fast, and even if it didn't that wouldn't change anything) Broken Tooth will give you the most overall, it owns in dungeons, it owns in PvP, it owns for leveling.
  9. Pindakaas

    The War Effort Reborn

    Why are you stubborn about lowering the required materials? Do you not want to admit you made a mistake or something, I really don't know why you think making a custom event is a better way of dealing with this screwed up war effort. Is it too hard to revert/ change the war effort numbers? That'd be the only way for this decision to make some sense in my eyes.
  10. Pindakaas

    Anathema +25 Agi weapon enchant

    I would also like to know this. I think it's supposed to be released together with the war effort? Not 100% sure on that though.
  11. I do agree with you that it would be nice to see what the exact reason for the ban is in the Account Panel or anything like that. Since the only way to find out what the reason for your ban is to either wait for a reply on your appeal or to make an in-game ticket (which takes 48 hours+). Appeals DO get investigated. And perhaps the anti-cheat got updated and caught you eventually, I don't know about that. Good luck with your case.
  12. You were not banned without reason. I can only suggest you stop shitposting if you want anyone to investigate your case.
  13. I have no idea what you are talking about, not sure if this is some kind of bad joke or if you're trying to devalue anything I've posted before by saying something like this.
  14. I agree with you on most of the appeals most likely being fake, and people who know they did something wrong should indeed suck it up and leave this project or start over. That doesn't change the fact that I've been permanently banned without doing anything wrong, I still haven't gotten a reason (besides the very vague "exploiting"). I've been told my case is under investigation so I'm already happier than most of the people who have been waiting for a while without any reply at all. So basically what I'm trying to say is don't generalize, I'm not making any demands what-so-ever I just made a post to express myself, so for you to come in and say people who are asking for some clarity here "to get a grip" is a little over the top imo. I've played here since Nostalrius originally launched, never got into any trouble EVER and lost several chars with about 100+ days of /played and still have no idea why. That's a little brutal if you ask me. Again, I'm not demanding anything here, just trying to clarify that this is very frustrating.