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  1. Pottu

    I cannot write anything at channels.

    You must be at least level 10 to use public chat channels.
  2. Elysium is not a soapbox for your political views.
  3. Blizzard removed old world elite quests and increased XP gains in patch 2.3 for TBC. Before that, there had been no changes to levelling.
  4. Pottu

    Green Whelp Armor abusing.

    Post a report in our Bug Tracker on Git Hub and remember to link sources.
  5. Please post a report in our bug tracker on Git Hub with screenshot evidence.
  6. Pottu

    Questions about AFKing

    Except there will be a tiny freeze up when the vanilla client runs out of RAM and asks Windows to allocate more to it. It's better to use a fairly large number like 512 because you will never need that amount of RAM but can easily spare it nowadays. And you'll avoid that little hiccup.
  7. Pottu

    Development Update 04.10.2017

    Such issues should go to the bug tracker on GitHub.
  8. Pottu

    Dire Maul ID reset problem

    We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.
  9. If you do organize this, please let us know beforehand so we can get our video guy to record it.
  10. Pottu

    New players.

    There are raids happening daily. Everything is still being run, from MC to Naxxramas, including both ZG and AQ20, and world bosses as well.
  11. Pottu

    About Account Trading

    Have you made an in-game ticket? I will investigate this issue, thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  12. Pottu

    Banning of guilds

    We are testing this measure on Anathema at the moment. If it works, we will roll it out to the other realms.
  13. Dear players. We've repeatedly asked you to help us stop the criminal activities of exploiting, gold selling, botting and more. We are now taking extreme measures against repeat offenders. As of today, the guilds Twilight and Covenant have had all their members banned for repeated gold selling and botting violations, and their guild masters inactivity in combating this menace that ruins the World of Warcraft experience to us all. We have reached out to these guild masters repeatedly but they have been unwilling to cooperate with us. Which is why we had to resort to this measure. Let me repeat: this has nothing to do with the origin country of any guild. But if you do not report the illegal activities of your guild members that you MUST have been aware of - then you will be banned as an accomplice. We have for 10 months tried the path of minimum impact and believing the best out of our players. It has not worked. So now we have to resort to more aggressive measures in combating this menace that ruins the playing experience of us all.
  14. Pottu


    Caber above has an astonishing amount of common sense. You should heed his advice.