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  1. Wirt

    Your donations and you…

    So being responsible for the hardware doesn't make you the owner? Regardless of what title you're keen on labeling him with he's still basically the head of the project. Also, don't forget that an investigation was done. It turned out that the logs that would confirm Vitaliy's guilt or innocence had been wiped. Shenna also claims Vitaliy knows Chinese as to defend his presence in the RMT channel. Yet he communicated in English.
  2. Wirt

    Your donations and you…

    For example Blizzard won a lawsuit against a WoW emulator project in the U.S in 2010. Blizzard has also won a lawsuit against a WoW bot maker project in Germany in 2017 and a Hearthstone clone by a Chinese company in 2014. Then there are projects such as Nostalrius that shut down after receiving cease and desist letters. Elysium is a very big project. It's size probably surpasses that of Scapegaming. Scapegaming managed to pile up $3 million in a PayPal account. Therefore I think it's logical to request transparency regarding donations. Especially when we're being told they barely get enough donations to keep the servers online. There's plenty of more legitimate reasons to ask for evidence on how donated money is handled. Such as the case with Vitaliy, the owner of the project, who was caught in an RMT channel full with Chinese users where he offered to unban for money.
  3. Wirt

    Your donations and you…

    I really enjoy playing on your servers but I can't accept this as transparency when it comes to donated money. For transparency to happen we'd need a review of donated money into the PayPal account. I'm sure it could be done by uploading a video where you scroll through the PayPal account's deposits and withdrawals along with dates and balance status. Some blur effect in Sony Vegas is an easy task to inject as to remove sensitive information. Sure, it might sound meticulous at first glance. However, like I've explained in other threads, it's mindboggling that you barely raise enough money for server upkeep when another project of your size managed to pile up $3 million in a PayPal account. The project is illegal after all, thus total transparency when it comes to money should be a given. Epecially if you're trying to convince Blizzard of your dreams about official legacy servers by them.
  4. Wirt

    The War Effort Reborn

    Why didn't you lower the required materials needed as the vast majority wanted? Why do you deem a custom event to be a better alternative?
  5. Wirt

    The War Effort Continues!

    Yes, If they stand by their initial logic they should raise the materials needed by a considerable amount. They could add a humorous line along the update of increased materials just like the first time. I'm sure it'll hit a home run.
  6. I know you think you're amazing by taking the role as an oppressor. If you're so smart as you want yourself to be perceived then you should realize he has a perfectly good point. Elysium has been incredibly naive in not guarding itself against potential chargebacks. You should have a budget which doesn't just merely pay for all the given expenses, but also for unexpected expenses.
  7. Wirt

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    That was what I was referring to when Whitekidney showed doubt about kicking the hacker they hired. If the database dumps are sold by Auya or are leaked by him, for example in frustration over him being kicked, then a lot of accounts are at risk.
  8. Wirt

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    Could someone link to a site stating what the material requirements were on the original Blizzard servers?
  9. Wirt

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    With an argument as lame as "All open source projects started somewhere" I doubt you're convincing anybody. When it comes to experience Elysium took some serious damage even before the leak. Now there's hacker at Elysium headquarters supposedly running around with database dumps and they won't even talk to us about it. You're propagating for blind faith just like Shenna did for Vitaliy.
  10. I perfectly understand people that just want to play the game in peace without having to hear constant ranting about corruption and so on as it's demoralizing. However, what has taken part lately concerns even those who aren't donating to the project. It concerns those who take for granted they're playing on servers with a competent and reliable staff. It ultimately concerns those who care about their own safety. So what I mean by this is that if their own staff could leak the project's core then the corruption can extend to the point where someone leaks the database. It's been revealed that Auya, the hacker they deemed trustworthy and hired, supposedly has database dumps as claimed by Whitekidney in a chat conversation with Moggraa. What's even more alarming is that the Elysium staff hasn't even addressed it. But then again they've already made it perfectly clear with Shenna's insane announcement that they'll ignore any criticism. They're deleting posts that reveal too much uncomfortable information.
  11. Wirt

    The Spirit of Alexensual Part 2

    The first video was original, hilarious and felt more thought out. This one was repetitive, a bit messy and a little too silly for my taste. The Mark Kern part was kind of funny though!
  12. I'm still playing but I'm not expecting anything from the staff as my trust to them has shrinked drastically. I question their shady activity and I think anyone should be able to do that without having to stop enjoying the game.
  13. I'd be skeptical too. Just consider the amount of corruption within and surrounding the project. Then add to that all the developers that have abandoned, some in pure distrust.
  14. Wirt

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    Will you address the claim by Whitekidney that Auya has database dumps?: http://imgur.com/a/dveBZ I would assume it concerns the entire community.