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  1. v.1.2.7 Added deDE locale by @Hengstenberg some small positional fixes reworked categories list https://github.com/laytya/vQueue/releases/tag/v1.2.7
  2. laytya

    [Addon] Chronometer - vanilla

    It working, im testing it now in all my alts.... but it uses many libs from ace3, and noone uses it... i can publish beta of kui to testing
  3. vQueue v1.2.6 Added multy dangeon notification, just add as more as you wish Download
  4. laytya

    [Addon] ModifiedPowerAuras

    Classic POWA can do it... but i dont know why u like MPOWA =))
  5. Use SpamThrottle for it - i didn see any spam for months....
  6. laytya

    [Need backport with 3.3.3]Addon AVR

    its imposible to port.
  7. this errors was fixed in last release. Just download latest
  8. laytya

    [Addon] Eavesdrop

    EavesDrop v1.4.1 Added ruRU locale by @Lichery (#1)
  9. laytya

    [Addon] Chronometer - vanilla

    I think i will drop customnameplates from updating. Now im in progress to port kui-nameplates from WOW 5.4
  10. laytya

    [Addon] Chronometer - vanilla

    I said it possible to make - but it needs time
  11. laytya

    [Addon] Chronometer - vanilla

    yes you can see on target
  12. laytya

    [Addon] Chronometer - vanilla

    What you intresting? all of them is here in this forum LUNA, Customnameplates, chronometer, oCB
  13. laytya

    [Addon] Chronometer - vanilla

    i think its posible
  14. laytya

    [AddOn] enemyFrames

    its just turnig off enemyFrames nameplates. I dont remember modui have debufs on nameplates... now im working on porting kui-nameplates to vanilla... very promissing results =)
  15. laytya

    Jump and autorun macros

    it imposible. All moving action is protected by Blizzard